Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Adventures - Why I Wanted A Create Video Notebook blog

The Short Version: I wanted a place where I could show folks how to find web video/videoblogging resources and the connections to other disciplines of film, education, journalism and business. I couldn't find it so I have create my own resource guide.

Full Out Ramble:

I couldn't stand it any more. I was frustrated. Ok, more than frustrated. When searching for viable information about web video and videoblogging there is a lot of crud out in the 'Tubes.

Flat out hooey. I'm no Master Blaster but damn if I was a newbie now days I'd drop that Flip, ditch the JVC and stick to still photos. There are good resources but the static to noise level has increased. So maybe there should be an notebook on where to find reliable information about creating video, resources and skills.

I do love storytelling, video, cinema, movies, education, and OK maybe a touch of everything related to communication. I think that this is the time to take advantage of the lack of representation of the creative diversity we all bring to the planet.

But when I go to search for information everybody is in their own camp ground. Now it is important to have a focus. No questions. But what if as a Videoblogger I have a question that a presentation expert could answer? What if a silent film could give me ideas about composure, use of Black and White film to tell stories?

I tend to see things as interrelated. I want to help make those connections for other people. So I'll be transferring stuff from the Stoop and diving in with resources, opinions and hopefully making my case that the more you know the better the video will be. It might be the video that helps us laugh, understand or motivate others to action.

Either that or I get to clear out this stuff that is swimming in my head. Lord knows I need the space.

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