Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Newseum's Video Blogs

The Newseum is a museum of Journalism in Washington, DC. It is also a functional broadcast studio and education center. The Newseum has a section on the website for their video blogs.

The purpose of the video blogs is to educate the public about journalism and promote the museum. I think that if you want to build support for your organization or non-profit you have to do outreach. The Newseum certainly is doing that by the programs and in-house activities.

I wish that the Newseum would allow embedding of certain videos. Particularly the one about the Five Freedoms.

They could do more outreach by creating videos that talk about modern day concerns the public has about journalism and how they reflect back to the history of reporting. They have the source material.

Now take it one step further, allow others to post your video content. It would be a means to promote the center, its activities and why The Newseum is important.

Just a thought.

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  1. Sorry folks, had a comments glitch that has been corrected. This is from Sonya Gavankar at the Newseum:

    "I wanted to respond that while the Newseum doesn’t have a way for visitors to upload vblogs to our site we LOVE seeing them on our Facebook Fan Page, YouTube channel and our Flickr feed."

    Thanks Sonya for the info. If folks could posts Newseum videos that is good news indeed.


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