Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life Stories Open Call for Videos from WGBH/PBS

I learned about this from the Videoblogging forum. The Lab at WGBH Boston is having an open call for three minute or less videos on life, life stories or your take on your journey so far. I'm going to be cross posting this on Out On The Stoop. For this blog, I want to focus on the video production aspects of this opportunity.

One of the first things to do is check out the eligibility and guidelines for the videos. You do have to be over 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen. Those of you younger than 18 years of age can submit videos via your teacher who can contact The Lab/WGBH for submission guidelines.

The Lab/WGBH will accept videos until December 31, 2009.

Now they are really being open about what they will accept. I viewed the introduction video and folks, if you have a camcorder or still camera that shoots video you are good to go. You can do a talking head video but there are other options to tell life stories such as:
  • animated photo slideshows converted to a video format
  • montages
  • mash-ups, if you use your own content or public domain sources
  • video poetry or text streams of consciousness wrapped in video
and so many more ways than just talking head videos. But if all you got is your head then go forth and speak your piece.

You do want to be very conscious of using copyrighted material. Like, don't. This is one of those no discussion, no debate kind of deals. If you have to use other content make absolutely certain it is in the Public Domain and you can document that fact.

Now all is not lost. WGBH Boston has a section of the website called the Sandbox. There is video that you could use to incorporate in your video presentation or other videos for non-commercial use. Review the FAQ to understand how to use videos in the Sandbox.

Make sure that you have permission in writing to use music. Please print out the website and the license agreement and keep that handy, if asked, to make sure you are good to go.

Anything else? No, that is about it. Except that I hope a wide range of people submit videos and attempt to tell the six billion different stories about their views about life on Earth.

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