Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Steve Garfiled Reviews External Microphones for Kodak Zi8

Steve Garfield is a veteran videoblogger and video producer. Steve started in radio, has worked in Public Access television, creates professional videos for clients as well as being a lecturer at Boston University.

Steve and Adam Weiss did a review of the external sound microphone capabilities of the Kodak Zi8.

The ability to hook an external microphone on such a small high definition camcorder is a very wonderful thing. Opens up a lot of opportunities and options.

Currently Steve is hosting a video support site for the book and those interested in video production at

He has a new book coming out called Get Seen, Secrets to Online Video that you can obtain from and other locations. You can find out more by visiting Steve's Get Seen site.

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  1. Thank you very much Steve very useful review,
    Mark Adams London England


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