Monday, October 5, 2009

Video Documentation - YouTube Mobile Upload

There are times when you have the power to show a truth. You might also be surrounded by law enforcement. There have been situations where law enforcement have taken cameras/camcorders of a potentially explosive situation.

Now let me be clear, your life and safety come first. There is no discussion or debate about that issue. If necessary, leave the area discreetly and then handle your business.

There are times when that may not be possible. This is a video on an assault by a NYPD office on a bike rider. If you are recording to a cell phone or iPhone pay attention.

In the video, there is a information on how you can quickly upload the video to your YouTube account. Again, your safety comes first.
If you have recorded a situation that is serious or news worthy and you can do it without drawing attention to yourself this is a quick guide to how to upload the video accessing the mobile version of YouTube.

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