Friday, November 20, 2009

Isabella Rossellini Talks About Her Sundance Videos

How do you you design a video that can be viewed on iPods, cell phones and personal media devices? How do you get folks to watch?

Isabella Rossellini's Sundance Channel Green Porno project is figuring that out.

This is a clip of Isabella explaining the process and her long term desire to create short films or videos. You also get a glimpse of how Green Porno videos, which are a series of short videos explaining how insects and marine life mate, are created.

This is the Spider episode:

The videos were designed so that they would look good on multiple screens, including small media devices. Isabella is still working in a traditional filmmaking structure.

It is interesting to me that she is now able to move past prior gatekeepers who probably would not have supported her desire for short form video production. There is no one path and one is not necessarily better than the other.

I love it when education and awareness are embedded with humor and a touch of fun.

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