Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Music for Your Videos - Free and Legal at Incompetech

You need a theme song, bumper or music loop. Perhaps you are searching for a song that will help to communicate the message in your video.

And you have limited funds.

List of music types

The music industry is determine to lock down un-authorized use of commercial music. Web video creators must look to alternative sources. One of the sources is Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech.com.

Here is the deal. You can use music provided on the web site for commercial and non-commercial purposes. There is one requirement. You must attribute Kevin MacLeod as the source and a link back to his web site. That is it.

Attribution is the right thing to do for any independent musician's music used in web videos.

Kevin allows the use of his music under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This means he is given you permission to use his musical work under the condition that you let folks know who created the music and where you found it.

I encourage you to read his excellent and most generous FAQ about using his music. If you can, plunk him $5 for his time and effort, especially if you become a double dipper.

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