Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Video Editing Software Pre-Ramble

I want to try something a little different from the usually software reviews. And since I haven't quite finish composing there is a short delay on the first post. Bummer, but life is like that sometimes. So let me tell you a little about my video editing history.

I stared back in the day with the ENG (electronic news gathering) videotape machines. I took the class because I was interested in news reporting. If I had known about assemble editing I might have dropped out before the cut off date.

Assemble editing is when you have to log all of your shots on paper, in time code then find the first image you want, copy it to the other tape deck and then go back and get another. You had to be accurate or bad things would happen or for me not happen to your video.

I cried. I cussed. I learned I did not like assemble editing.

No computer was involved. It was like copying a song from one cassette player to another cassette player. It took almost 25 years before I could use what is now called non linear editing.

It was on a Grass Valley machine at college. It was at the time a professional set up. But the equipment was expensive and you had to be super rich to have one of those systems in your home.

Waited a few more years...time marches on and I'm hanging out at Public Access television. Learned a lot but them dang video tapes still stuck it to me every once in a while.

Finally everybody and his cousin had a computer. No video editing software. Tick, tick, and more ticks. Then it seemed as though video editing software packages were being created every day. And here we are - these are the good old days.

It is much easier than it use to be but it isn't perfect. It is a skill. The software is catching up with users needs and wants.

Software Experience

I have purchased or used a bunch of video editing software. I can't exactly afford to load each and every one on my computer. I don't mean cost. I don't mean stealing either. I mean it does take time, methodology and writing up the findings.

That would leave me from 3:14 am to 4:03am for sleep. That is so not going to happen. What I can do is give you is an idea of who the software is targeted to, the video formats that seem to be compatible and, if I have used a current version of the program, my honest opinion.

I will tell you if I have purchased a product or downloaded a trial version. Not likely to load a trial version unless there is a feature I really want to try. The truth is I'm a software junkie and I have to keep it in check.

Know the computer magazines from the UK that have DVDs with thousands of software titles for $16.95? Yes, I have software. I don't do bootleg. Not safe, not ethical and begging for trouble. You shouldn't either.

Oh, and don't load more than 200 software programs on your computer. I am the sadder but wiser girl. 50 is more than enough.

Let's see, what else? I practice good download habits. I go directly to the vendor site or places that I implicitly trust.

I back up my system every night so if a stinker program does damage I can deal with it. I don't load software that requires more power than my system currently has. I know people who do that and then cuss the bejebus out of the program when it locks up their system. Crazy but true.

Ok, end of pre-ramble.

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