Monday, November 2, 2009

VloMo09 - Day Two with 28 Days Remaining

It is day two of the (Inter)National Videoblogging Posting Month and the Yahoo Group Chain Vlog Challenge.

The 30 day folks are coming on strong. This is Soul4Real at Coop's Place with her first entry:

Videos posted for the challenge don't have to be fancy, profound or whatever, you just have to post them. I say this and then people like Soul4Real prove me wrong.

Next up from the UK, Sizemore:

VloMo09: Katamariphoto Damacy from Mike Atherton on Vimeo.

Yes, you can animate still photos, add music and engage in serendipity. It is about what you bring to the party.

Other folks to check out are:
  • Benny Crime representing for the time honored tradition of cat vlogging
  • Chad Boeninger doing a bit of documentation at the Flu Shot Clinic
  • Cheryl at Hummingcrow on her first day of November
  • Heath Parks visiting New York. I think he liked it.
Anyway gotta go. If you want to find more Videoblogging 30 day or Yahoo Group videos try the following Twitter tags #vlomo, #vlomo09 and #navlopomo

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