Saturday, December 19, 2009

Magix Music Maker - Music Creation Software

I look over at the Mac GarageBand folks with envy. I'm not a musician but I have a need for music. I don't want to use other folks content without permission. What are my options other than buying a Mac?

Well, one way is to create my own music with help from Magix Music Maker. This is basically a music loop building program. You pick the type of instrument, the pattern, add effects and bada bing you have a song.

This is a product demonstration video from Magix.

So if this of any use to those of us that make web video? Well, possibly. It seems that if users purchase the premium version they are allowed to use the music created for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

I gleaned that from the knowledge community. I could not find actual confirmation on the Magix web site.

Those that purchase the standard version are asked to display the logo of the company. Seems fair enough for the price of the program, which is inexpensive.

Seems like for basic tasks of creating a customize theme music or a bit of music it should do the job.

As always, backup your system and give the trial version a test run before you plunk down cash money.

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