Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quickies and Bread Crumbs

A quickie today folks - I'm on deadline. Found Mark S. Luckie's web site, 10,000 Words and landed on his page on cheatsheets for various multimedia software.

10,000 Words - Multimedia and Journalism Resouces
There are tips for Audacity, iMovie, Photoshop and more.

At Wired and Light there is a top 10 take away list from a training workshop on multimedia tools, tips and suggestions for multimedia journalists and any one that wants to compose a video story.

Finally, author Gay Talese had a few words about the business of recording interviews and the interior life at BigThink.com This is a version of his comments found at DigiDave where journalism is a process, not a product:

I so gotta go.

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