Saturday, January 16, 2010

PowerPoint 2010 Beta - With Video Effects of Interest

Microsoft PowerPoint has long had the ability to embed video into slide presentations if the videos were in the.avi or .wmv format. That isn't new.

The ability to combine text and animations was a pain to implement and the embedded video never really played well with the other tools and effects. Presentation portability away from the computer of creation was dicey. In PowerPoint 2010 there seems to be some video effects and enhancements to warrant attention.

From the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 web site:

Embed and edit video files directly in PowerPoint 2010. Easily trim your video to show only relevant sections. Bookmark key points in a video for quick access or trigger animation to begin automatically when those bookmarks are reached. You can also set the video to fade in and out at specified intervals and apply a variety of video styles and effects—such as reflections, bevels, and 3-D rotation—to help you quickly capture your audience’s attention.

The video effects is mentioned around the middle section of the video Ok, sounds good but there is something kicking about that you can now export your presentations to video. And you can set it for low, medium or high bandwidth needs? Interesting.

This requires further research. If you are so inclined to download Beta versions of software Microsoft has a Beta version of PowerPoint 2010 waiting for your evaluation.

In the meantime, I will scoot around trying to get the skivvy on the video effects that might help to make it easier to create dual photo/video presentations that can be exported to video.

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