Friday, February 19, 2010

CNet Review of Sony Bloggie MHS CM5 Camcorder

I have been good about controlling my desire to have almost every camera and camcorder in the world. I'm feeling a little shaky though; 5x zoom on a web camcorder can do that to a person.

This is CNet's David Carnoy's video review of the Sony Bloggie MHS CM5:

Checking the Specs

A quick saunter over to the camcorder's specification page has interesting goodies. I like the dual storage for Memory Stick and SD/SDHC card. You can never have too much storage and it is good that Sony moved a bit on the proprietary memory. Compromise is good.

Recoding times are decent for a web camcorder. It doesn't mean much to me if the battery life is only 1 hour. On the web site it states "1.9W @ 720 30p Recording". I don't know how to convert a 3.6 volt into watts to find out how long the battery will last.

And I shouldn't have to either, it should be on the specs page. I'll ask one of the folks at the Videoblogging group for an answer.

2/20/2010 Update:

David Jones was able to give me the skivvy on how to do the calculations and the battery time:

You can't tell just from the voltage rating, you need to know the
watt-hour rating. According to: the battery is rated at 3.4Wh, which means ideally it can deliver 3.4W for 1 hour, or any ratio there-of.

So if the camera takes 1.9W that's a battery life of 1.8 hours
continuous recording (3.4Wh/1.9W).

There are other technical factors involved, but that's a fairly good best case approximation.
My experience has been with other camcorders is 60 to 90 minutes depending on what you are doing and for how long.

It has got a 3.3 lens with shutter speeds from 1.5 to 4000? Seriously? I'd have to see the video and put in my guess when pixilation will occur. Still, I wouldn't mind testing it out if I wasn't on camcorder lock down.

On the negative side no external mic jack and the Picture Motion Browswer software?


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