Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Resources on Video Journalism

There are changing being forced by technology, opportunity and initiative. Video Journalism is one of the changes that is affecting professional television reporters.

If you can train one person to interview, record and edit a story then you might not need to pay a team of people at a news station or newspaper.

video jounalism
I don't think that this necessarily a good or bad thing. The technology has brought about the ability to be flexible. Not every one embraces flexibility. This web site is a gate way to information and practicing professionals who are the one person band.

Here is an example/promotional video that I found at the web site. The reporter is David Dunkley Gyimah:

David has a web site called Viewmagazine.tv that shows examples of his work. He also has a blog where he talks about the craft and the realities of working as a solo journalist.

Hit the blog first - there is extraordinary stuff in his posts.

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