Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Quick Look At

You could spend a lot of time at and still come back for more. This was one of the first on-line classes for folks that wanted to take a class in a creative software application but did not have a school or access to a certain level of instruction.

lynda video tutorials
Long before YouTube and iTunes there was It was rough for us on the low band side of the fence. There was content I wanted to access but 56k modems do not lead themselves to on-line video tutorials and education.

This is why I like the future better than the past. It has been a while since I've visited the site and I thought I'd point out goodies of interest. is a subscription site but it is affordable if you give up store bought coffee for a week.

Lemme see, where to start? There are hundreds of courses and most have a free sample video or two so that you can check out the instructor and course content.

04/09/2010 Update: I didn't know that had a YouTube channel. I was looking for something else and discovered that some of the free/promotional videos are open to view. This is a great opportunity to share the business side of the the story:


iTunes Essential Training
Garageband Essential Training


iMovie 09 Essential Training
Podcasting and Videocasting Essential Training
Video Basics and Terminology

Pathfinders and Other Creatives

Nancy Duate and Duate Design
Rick Morris on Motion Graphics
Ze Frank

So if you need a dose of creativity or inspiration you should spend time at - you certainly should check out how she and her partner got started and what the business is today.

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