Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CNet's Look at the Sony Alpha NEX-5

Do you have to carry two photo recording devices? I carry a small camcorder much of the time I wind up using it to taking reference photos or web level photos. It isn't worth it to print out the lower resolution photos.

Truth be told the only camcorder that I had that took good snaps and video was my beloved Kodak Zi6.

Sniff, I still miss it.

This is Lori Grunin of CNet talking about the Sony Alpha NEX-5. She gives as many reasons to consider the camera as to reject it. I try very hard not to do first generation anything but I am intrigued that the lens is much bigger than the body.

With the airlines getting increasingly dippy about charging for luggage I think a lot of people are looking for ways to streamline what they take on board. A good quality point & shoot camera with HD video might be the way to go.

Not saying this camera is it but file it in the memory bank for future reference.

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