Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mobile Content Today's Test of YouTube Editor

I am gonna have to rethink some of my initial questions about the YouTube Video Editor. As a desktop user I don't see the point of uploading raw footage. I just read a post over at Mediabistro's Mobile Content Today

The test was on a Android phone using the YouTube editor. Ok, I can see it now; in the field you certainly could record perform snip-snip edits. I know dames who will be attending a certain convention (BlogHer) that will go nuts over this - if it works.

I wish I had time to dive into this but it is becoming abundantly clear on why AT&T killed the unlimited plan. If you can't deliver mobile phone called you sure as heck are gonna have problems with media content.

Not just picking on AT&T. This is a demand and infrastructure problem. No carrier is exempt from more users creating more audio and video content.

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