Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rush of the Tablet Clones - Patience is Required

The new fangled Tablet PCs are being birthed in China for world consumption. Tablet PCs are nothing new. However, since the introduction of the the Apple iPad there is new development, inspiration and flat out copying the experience of touch computing without the same level of costs or applications.

These devices seem to be running on Windows 7 or Android.

This is a video by IDG who is a publisher of MacWorld and PC World Magazines as well as produces trade and expo events.

I am keeping a close eye on these devices because this is going to be another way people consume video content. I am already seeing web sites and blogs change their design to accommodate the iPad.

The hybrid magazines such as Wired are in production. What I will hope happen is that some of the applications for the iPhone/iPad will be migrated to these devices. I also hope for a universal standard or standards that will help us understand how to create video for these Tablets.

This is not the time to purchase to observe and practice deep contemplation.

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