Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VidCon 2010 in Los Angeles

I just found out about VidCon a few days ago. The VlogBrothers and some other folks are gonna get together for three days of seminars, fun, meet-ups, information, learning and, quite possibly, Karaoke.

The faithful will gather at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza located at 2025 Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the participants will come from the YouTube community however it has been made clear that all persuasions and belief systems are welcomed.

Not sure of the cost; it might be $60 a day or $140 or some place in-between. Bring a lump of money to be on the safe side.

YouTube VidCon Conference
Rest assured that there will be swag, product demonstrations, OMG moments and a freaking amount of camcorders. Seriously. Practically almost everyone in the audience will be packing pixels.

Now I have a minor quibble with the introductory paragraph on the web site. It states that this is the first gathering of independent videobloggers.

Not true. There was VloggerCon in San Francisco and other vlogger meet-ups before and after. If they are implying that this is the first national meet-up of the YouTube community then I'm cool with that statement.

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