Friday, August 20, 2010

How I Try To Stay Current - Quick Tips

Web video is constantly changing. I have to be aware of social media concerns, equipment, best practices and make time to actual watch web video. I also have to go to my day job where my Internet connection is limited.

Meaning if I want to keep my job I can't go near the places I want to visit.

So how to I keep up?

I have RSS feeds to almost all of the software and web application blogs and web sites. I keep an eye out for doings in the graphics/visual design communities and those in informational design.

The websites listed on the right are resources and Video WTF is a place to ask questions and not get razzed. Ask anything about video creation or production and somebody will get an answer to you.

Currently I have a year subscription to MediaBistro's On Demand videos that cover a variety of topics such as writing, social media, media business and web video.

I purchase VideoMaker magazine at the newsstand and check out the website.

I have been reading the magazine on and off for years. One thing that the magazine and website has been willing to do is find new ways of presenting information and delivering it to their readers.There are tutorial video and webinars that I might be interested in purchasing or subscribing.

Lemme see, oh yes - I cruise by photography, DSLR video and media makers web sites and blogs. There is a lot of interrelated information and concepts.

The educational community has their own perspectives of web video. Marketing folks certainly have a lot to say so I gotta check those blogs out.

These are a few of the places where I gleam a little or learn a lot. There are more resources but my point is that I try to visit a diversity of places.

I don't worry about amateur, prosumer or traditional media designations. I find what I need and pass it on to those that might be interested.

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