Friday, September 17, 2010

Open Video Conference in NYC

If you are in the New York area on October 1st and 2nd you might want to check out the Open Video Conference. The Open Video Conference is something that I have a deep interest. I'm not opposed to commercial and broadcast media.

I am opposed to what happens when the dominate advertiser media with bean counter mentality distort the social and political conversations?

Psycho celebrity reporting romping around as political discourse. I've opted out and you can too.

Open Media Conference
We can do better by having multiple independent media sources and representations. This is an on-going discussion by individual, non-profit organization, independent media producers and whoever want to jump into the mix. According to the agenda there will be tech sessions, speaking, seminars, classes and more.

Hopefully there will be video posted up the ying-yang from the event participants.

Quick update: Professor Michael Welch is the keynote speaker? Must think how I can be there. He is an invisible mentor to many people.

Just found out the professor has a YouTube channel. Will watch and take multiple mental notes of inspiration and information.

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