Friday, September 3, 2010

Quick Look at Sony Bloggie Touch or Reach Out and Touch Me

Every new personal HD camera and camcorder has a burning desire to help you upload your content to web distribution services. I stand in the hollow asking the sky, "Yes, ok, but is it any good?"

Sony Bloggie Touch

Eh? How can I ask such a question? It is sleek and shiny and there are limited controls. Why bring up function?

Because if you are going to spend cash money on a gadget you ought to know what your are purchasing. You really should have a clear understanding of what a device can do for you and what it can't at certain price points.

From certain manufactures I expect a level of quality and goodies. Let's quickly check under the hood. This is the Sony Bloggie Touch.

From the web site:

  • Lens Aperture (Max.) : F2.8 This means it is going to perfect outdoors and acceptable in a very well light room.
  • Image Stabilization : Steadyshot® image stabilization You will need something to take the jitters out of the video. The smaller the camcorder being held in the hand the more likely the video will have jitters.
  • Media Type : 8GB Internal Flash Memory. This means when you fill up the internal memory you are done, there doesn't seem to be an memory card slot for additional recording.
  • Video Format : MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) AVC may or may not function with outside video editing programs.
  • Recording and Playback Times : MP4 format: 12M 1920x1080 (29.97p): 80 min. 6M 1280x720 (59.94p): 1600 min. 4M 1280x720 (29.97p): 240 min.
Here is the thing. Battery life will actually dictate how long you can record. It doesn't matter if you have 240 minutes of recording time if your battery conks out at a hour and ten minutes.

Not saying this camcorder has this problem, but you know, just saying.

The camcorder comes with software to make it easy for novice Windows users to extract, edit and upload to the social networking services.

Mac Users are skunked once again but don't take it as a loss. Mac native software should be able to handle this device but check it out before you buy.

I need to see video examples of what it can do. There is something about it I can't put my finger on but there is hesitation in my normal lust for camcorders.

Gotta go.

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