Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slate Article on Hulu Used As A Weapon Against Comcast Customers

One of the reason Internet types get freaky about Net Neutrality is that we know if given a chance phone, cable and media corporation would cave it up and set up toll charges. Other groups with moral or religious objections would block all kinds of content.

What Is Net Neutrality?

A variation of that happened the other day when News Corp, a content provider/broadcaster order the blocking of to Cablevision customers. News Corps owner, Rupert Murdock, has been very vocal about creating walled in, fee for content access via the Wall Street Journal and other products he owns.

That's fine. There is a choice of paying or not paying for access to that content. This is different. In a contract dispute with Comcast there was a block on those specific Comcast customers not to access to see the missing programs.

Even if you paid with Hulu Plus? You were skunked. has a good news article about what this means when major content providers want to fight back or withhold content from a specific group of users.

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