Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blue's Snowflake Microphone for Audio Recording

There are times when I need to record narration for a screencast or tutorial. I have tried the standard computer headphone type microphones but I never felt comfortable in them.

I also had a terrible problem with the plosive "p" popping out of my mouth. I needed a solution so I started to visit podcasters tutorial web sites to see how they solved the problem.

Some of the podcasters recommended the Snowball microphone from Blue Microphone. I loved the look of the Snowball but I didn't need the whole rigging shebang.

Blue's Snowflake Microphone
I went to the vendor web site and they had a smaller model called the Snowflake. It was just the right size for my needs. This is Kristin giving her review of the Blue Snowflake Microphone:

It is a USB connected microphone. I can just plug it in and get going. It does add a nice tone to the voice. This microphone is Mac and PC compatible.

According to the web site you can use it for:

Perfect for dictation, field recording, lecture recording, narration, presentations, Vocals, Music Instruments, Podcasting, VOIP (such as Skype and Vonage), Voice Recognition Software, Multimedia; ideal for AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, iChat, ooVoo and Google Talk.

I bought the Snowflake for $79 retail but you might find it less online at places like Amazon.com. It is more expensive than a computer mic but I consider this an investment so it was worth it to me.

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