Monday, December 13, 2010

Camcorder Buying Help Round-Up - Information Self-Defense

If you are a total newbie to buying camcorders you know you need help but you don't know where to go. Many of the retail sites like Best Buy or eBay have so-called buying help guides but some of them are out of date or have eye candy to divert your attention.

Before you go visit retail stores or web sites you need to know a few things. I have a few places that you should check out to save you time and money.

I want to always encourage you to match up your needs, what you can afford and what the marketplace has to offer. has a buying guide that is divided into categories. If you know that you will shoot home movies and video of the family then start there. Those that want to shoot video as you travel then check out that category. Those of you that need for an under $200 camcorder should definitely check out the Budget Camcorder section.

There is one pain in the neck aspect to the site in that an ad will pop-up each and every time you visit a page. It did not use to be this way and I hope it will be changed by the time you visit.

CNet Camcorder Reviews is another place to get the skivvy on camcorders, opinions and price. CNet has a lot of information in different places on the site. You want to look at their buying guide and the step by step camcorder finder guide.

If you are a member of Consumer you have access to their research and evaluation of camera and camcorders. It is certainly one of the places that I tap into.

One more joint to swing into is the page. Greg Scoblete does a nice job of honestly laying out what you need to be aware of, what it means and the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of camcorders.

This is your starting line-up. All of the about sources are written in plain English, have good informed suggestions and no obvious forms of payola or advertorials seems to be involved in the buying suggestions.

Good luck and happy shopping.

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