Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blinkx - Video Search Engine for Desktop and Mobile Users

Blinkx helps you find online video content for viewing on your desktop, media device or smartphone. You use it just like a text search engine only it helps you to find videos you might want to see from a variety of sources. Mobile users can get to Blinkx by typing

Blinkx Video Search EngineFor content creators you can submit your video content to Blinx to have it listed in the search.

You can search by keyword or select a category and dive in. According to the web site there 35 million hours of video they have indexed. They seem to have partnerships with broadcast companies and private content providers.

I did a quick test of the category Technology page and I was presented with a built-in player and various content choices. The first time I landed on the page I watched the video with no problem.

I selected another video for viewing and could not hear the audio. I thought I had a bum video so I went back to the original video. Same problem. Opened another browser - same problem.

Found a video from another source, no problem hearing the audio. It could be me. But I don't think so. I tried the Blinx mobile search from my desktop. I was able to hear audio on two videos.

Anyway, I did see new video content that I want to investigate. I might just use this as a reference search engine and then go to the original source.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VidCon 2010 in Los Angeles

I just found out about VidCon a few days ago. The VlogBrothers and some other folks are gonna get together for three days of seminars, fun, meet-ups, information, learning and, quite possibly, Karaoke.

The faithful will gather at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza located at 2025 Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the participants will come from the YouTube community however it has been made clear that all persuasions and belief systems are welcomed.

Not sure of the cost; it might be $60 a day or $140 or some place in-between. Bring a lump of money to be on the safe side.

YouTube VidCon Conference
Rest assured that there will be swag, product demonstrations, OMG moments and a freaking amount of camcorders. Seriously. Practically almost everyone in the audience will be packing pixels.

Now I have a minor quibble with the introductory paragraph on the web site. It states that this is the first gathering of independent videobloggers.

Not true. There was VloggerCon in San Francisco and other vlogger meet-ups before and after. If they are implying that this is the first national meet-up of the YouTube community then I'm cool with that statement.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Video on Wikipedia Project

The coming of HTML 5 is going to change how people are going to view videos transmitted over the Internet. Instead of depending on an application like Flash or QuickTime to display a video it would be built into the browser.

The users would not have to remember to update the software; instead the browser would move more toward being the container for the video. One of the places that could use a little video love is Wikipedia. There is a desire to record and augment citations with video.

The How to Post Video Project gives information about just how to do the recording portion.

The WikiProject: Lights Camera Wiki talks specifically about the requirements needed to compose the video entry.

This is about documentation, not commentary. There is a structure that you would have to follow in order to meet the evolving citation standards.

The project is a part of the Open Video Alliance which seeks to allow users to create, use and distribute open source media.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got Video Shakes? Try vReveal

You spend time and effort getting the footage. Once you have transferred the video to your computer discover that the video has the major shakes.

This problem is only going to get worse with mobile and media players that can record video. There is no tripod or stabilization for these devices yet.

What do you do after you discover you got the shot and it is goofed up?

vReveal is the new incarnation of the old Fix My Video site. It is now a software application that comes in a free version and a $39 premium version. It runs on the Windows operating system XP on up.

Disclaimer: I have not use this program or the prior web site. I can't speak to the quality of the software. I've used similar programs but I'm presenting this as an option to be investigated.

Here is an example by the vendor:

Snowboarding from vReveal on Vimeo.

Both the free and the premium version have the ability to:
  • Organize your videos
  • Provide a quick fix for contrast, white light, De-interlacing video and more
  • Export video is .wmv, uncompressed .avi, DivX .avi and MJPEG.avi
  • YouTube and Facebook upload assistance
In the free version there is a 3 second watermark placed on the videos, there can be advertisements and not all feature are available. Oh, one more thing, you can import HD video but in the free version you can only export out 480p or standard definition.

Bottom Line:

Check your existing video editing package. It might have the anti-shake feature built in. You might discover that it is too complicated for you to use or it may not present a workable video.

In that case. it cost nothing to try it vReveal out; especially if you have a great video that has a bad case of the shakes.

There are trade offs on using this kind of software. There might be a reduction of the image quality or the video is cropped so that you don't notice the affected areas but you are missing a vital part of the shot.

Give it a go and see if it works for you.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

YouTube Video Creator's Corner Blog

Sorry for being missing in action. So much going on I literally run out of daylight. I want to bring to your attention the YouTube video Creator's Corner blog.

This is the another way to find out about YouTube specific contests, promotions and creativity in all its form type of stuff.

Still working on a few things but will be back to what passes for normal shortly.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mobile Content Today's Test of YouTube Editor

I am gonna have to rethink some of my initial questions about the YouTube Video Editor. As a desktop user I don't see the point of uploading raw footage. I just read a post over at Mediabistro's Mobile Content Today

The test was on a Android phone using the YouTube editor. Ok, I can see it now; in the field you certainly could record perform snip-snip edits. I know dames who will be attending a certain convention (BlogHer) that will go nuts over this - if it works.

I wish I had time to dive into this but it is becoming abundantly clear on why AT&T killed the unlimited plan. If you can't deliver mobile phone called you sure as heck are gonna have problems with media content.

Not just picking on AT&T. This is a demand and infrastructure problem. No carrier is exempt from more users creating more audio and video content.

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  • Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Quick Look At Muvee Revel - Bone Simple Video Software

    A little something for my friends that want a very simple way to create videos. They want it to look nice but the editing thing, they don't want to get involved; they just want to get it done. I got something for them. There is a product called Muvee Reveal.

    This is Dave Whittle showing your how the program works:

    It is designed for people that know how to click a mouse button. You tell it what videos and pictures that you want to make a video of and it will do the rest. Let me stress this is a very basic program.

    This is for folks that record a birthday party and the grandparents want video quick, fast and in a hurry. Currently the program is $79 according to the web site. For holding your hands through the entire video creation process that might be a fair price.

    This is an example video by Karen at YouTube.

    On the one hand, the program really locks down what you can do.It does create a video. For time crunched moms or people who own camcorders and don't know what to do next this is a solution.

    On the other foot, there are comparable video creation programs that don't cost $79 but might require you to push an extra button or two.

    I'm on deadline so I leave it to folks to hash it out.

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    I Have Videos and Photos - Now What?

    It was a very good weekend for video recording. There was Pasadena Chalk, Make Music Pasadena and a vintage car show. I have a good two hours worth of stuff. I want to share with you the process I use to transfer videos, archiving and setting up a file folder system to make it easier to locate my recordings.

    Pasadena Chalk Art
    Transferring Video Content

    I first need to transfer my videos from the camcorder to the computer. I have two ways to do that. One is that I can connect my camcorder to the computer and use it as a disk drive. I don't use any third party software. I copy and past to a temporary drive. Later, I will move the content to my primary hard drive for actual editing.

    Those of you that own web camcorders might have software built into the camcorder or you have installed a software program that helps you transfer or perform minor edits. I prefer to do it myself but whatever gets the job done with the least frustration is okay by me.

    I also have the option of using my built in SD card reader on my computer. However, my computer cannot read the higher capacity SDHC cards. This works ok for my older SD cards but I have to use an adapter for the newer SDHC card format.

    Storage/Off-Computer Copy

    I'm guilty of slacking on this but it is important. You want to make a copy of your raw footage as a storage or archival copy. Things happen, hard drives die or your computer just ups and dies.
    No greater heart ache is the one that got away, especially if you could have made a safety copy and did not do so.

    If you have a dedicated external hard drive for this purpose that is good. DVDs are also an option. I use Ashampoo's Burning Studio for CDs/DVDs and Paragon Backup and Recovery for hard drive back-ups.

    Project File Organization

    I have learned from experience. Set up a project folder that will contain all of the project files like notes, photos, music and videos. How you do it is up to you but you want to make it as easy as possible to find a clip or a photo.

    Possible folder options:
    • Video
    • Photo
    • Music
    • Narration
    • Other, for scripts, notes, edit decision lists, etc.
    Or you can just dump everything into a single folder and call it a day.

    Quick Recap on Transfer Process
    • Transfer your files from the computer to your hard drive or temporary storage folder
    • Make an archive copy to a DVD disc or to an external hard drive.
    • Create a project folder for your content.
    • Place your videos and other materials inside this folder.
    • Make sure that you have a good archive copy and working copy. Only then should you delete the content off of your camcorder.
    This does take time but it is so worth it.

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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Bill Mecca's Video on Using the Rule of Thirds

    I'm all over the place and time is scampering like a hamster in a wheel. I was checking out Angela Grant's Newsvideographer and I discovered this video by Bill Mecca on using the Rule of Thirds.

    According to his web site he is a former television and radio journalist who is making the transition to new media.

    Other posts to check out on his site:
    Whoa, gotta go but definitely check out the Rule of Thirds video and I hope that you and your camcorder get outside and record a bit of magic.

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    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    YouTube Video Editor - Kinda Sorta

    I learned from the Unofficial Google Operating System that there is a new video editing feature at YouTube. It seems you do have to be a YouTube member to access it.

    I have prior videos uploaded so I gave it a go. That is what is being represented in the Selection area in the upper left corner. The Preview window allows you to see the video.

    I was able to drag and drop videos into the storyboard/timeline area. I also checked out the audio music tracks. Some of the audio tracks will produce ads if you include them with your video.

    You can select and edit a clip but it isn't clear how to do that. There are no instructions, at all. I'm a click and see what happens kind of gal and that was the only way I was able to figure out what was going on.

    Editing in this case means just cut or selecting the section of the video you want.

    The application exist but not really. If Google is going to keep this video editor I'm sure that there will be some kind of guide. And added features. And instructions.

    Still I Gotta Ask, Why?

    To be honest, I am a little perplexed. Most folks edit their videos before they upload. I don't see that ability in this current version.

    On the one hand this would be great for those folks that don't want to buy video editing software and yet keep asking is there a free video editing application.

    The short answer to that one is yes, you probably have it on your computer already; if you are a Mac user you have iMovie. Windows XP or Vista users have Windows Movie Maker2. Windows 7 folks have to download Windows Live Movie Maker.

    Even Linux users have Open Shot Movie Editor.

    On the other hand, clogging up the bandwidth with raw videos that may or may not be edited? I don't get it.

    My point is unless Google wants to encourage the creation of compilation videos I just don't understand. Goodness knows it can't be to encourage folks to upload raw video, store it on Google servers and then edit so that users can embed more ads?


    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Ideas on Preparing for Recording An Event

    The Pasadena Chalk Festival is this weekend June 19 and 20 2010. The last time I recorded the festival was back in 2005 with my old trusty and cheap DXG that shot 320x240 .avi videos.

    I just watched the older videos again. The good news is I'm ok with what I did with a very cheap camcorder. The bad news is that the audio is jacked. You can hear the motor grinding as it records. I'm going to see if I can recycle the older works into a new piece.

    The better news is that I have improved equipment and more skills. This weekend I am going to record not only the Chalk Festival but some of the Make Music Pasadena Festival as well.

    Pre-Planning Tips

    Before I head out to an event or festival I try to think about what I need and want to record for the event.

    I don't need to go all Hitchcock and plan every detail. It is a balance between how much video I can record, the battery life of the camcorders and the story I want to tell about the festivals.

    Because I have recorded the event before I know that this time I want to do things differently:

    • More establishing shots and details of the artwork,
    • Interviews with participants or artists,
    • A lot more still images to help provide transitions to videos,
    • Maybe a bit of history about Pasadena Chalk and the prior version known as Absolute Chalk.
    Knowing the above helps me to make sure that I bring some of the following:

    • A lightweight tripod that I can anchor in my handbag to steady the shot.
    • Fully charged batteries the night before
    • Checking the storage card on one camcorder and clearing the hard drive off of the other.
      Ok, most people would not bring two camcorders but one is really small. Some people don't mind talking into a small device but get freaked out with a full size camcorder.
    Other than that I'd say wear comfortable shoes, maybe a sun hat, water and pacing yourself and your energies will get you through just about anything.

    Oh, for those of you driving into Pasadena be aware that Parking Enforcement will be working triple time to make sure you leave with a parking ticket. Go Metro or park secure.

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Summer Events and Recording Performing Artists In Public

    You do have rights and one of them is to use your video camera in public. You have the responsibility to know what you can and can't do. There was a discussion in the Videobloggers group, the topic comes up from time to time.

    It is always good to review your options, especial now that there are going to be a lot of summer events that folks are going to want to record.

    J.D. Lassica of wrote a piece about recording in public called Guide to Shooting Photos in Public that relates to recording for web video as well.

    J.D. also has another post about recording performing artists in public. I encounter performers who are solo artists or folks that have been hired by a city or an organization to perform in public. The post seems to imply that you should ask permission of the artist.

    And yes, it would be a good idea except that I have been in situations where I can't get near the artists due to the crowd or a physical barrier. Or I am attending a public event paid for by tax dollars AND there is no sign or notice that I cannot record.

    In these situations I try to be respectful:

    • I make an effort to find out who the performer is and if they have a web site.
    • My primary blog is non-commercial, meaning I have no earnings, ads or money generation derived from my blog. This is not an instant get out of trouble card; I just means that I can demonstrate that I wanted to share and not benefit financially from the artist's performance.
    • If I can identify the performer I absolutely will have the artist name and web site or blog in the video and mentioned on the blog post as well.
    • If contacted and the performer asks to remove I will give it serious consideration. I think that might have happened once where I have removed a video. Again, if this is a public performance occurring in public space I do have the right to record. However your local laws may be different. It is important to check that out.
    • Do I have to say this? In a private theater or concert situation you are no longer in public space. Unless ask or you obtain permission you cannot record a performance. Cell phone video recorded in a theater is crappy and it is unfair to the performer. Put away the phone and savor the moment.
    This weekend in Los Angeles is overflowing with events, the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Pasadena Chalk, the Pasadena Music Festival and the Wagner Ring Cycle events. So much to see and only 24 hours, I'm already apologizing to me feet.

    Now is the time to clean the lens, get the battery charged and be respectful out the real world with your camcorder.

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    Video Editing for the iPhone 4 From ZDNet Tech Republic

    I am pleased beyond measure that I did not buy an iPhone or iTouch last week before Steve Jobs announcement. I would have felt crunched. I would have been totally bummed. New iPhone for $99? Apps galore? Like video editing on the phone?

    Heaven help me. This is a video from ZDNet's Tech Republic. It is from I believe the WWDC conference and this is the part of the presentation where Apple is showing off the video editing features of the iPhone 4:

    I repeat, I'm not an Apple fan girl. But iMovie for the iPhone puts me in an interesting spot. It is taping into a time marker in my head. I remember how challenging it was to post video on the 'tubes back in the day and now folks can do it on their phones. Back in the day was 2005 and 2006. How far we have come.

    HD movie editing on a mobile phone that can be uploaded to a web host. Dang!

    I know for sure why AT&T killed that unlimited data plan. Can't make a standard call as it is in most urban heavy density centers. Ask folks in NY,Chi and SF how they feel about AT&T mobile services?

    I feel the need to leave my money at home for a few days. I don't trust myself.

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  • Friday, June 11, 2010

    Initial Resources About Creating Video for the iPad

    I've been keeping an eye out for these kinds of articles and posts. This is the first wave that I have found in a quick search but there will be more.

    Most of this is Mac-centric but PC users pay attention, you can use QuickTime Pro for some of the conversion processes.

    TUAW The Unofficial Apple Blog points to using an application called ReelDirector 3.0 to edit videos on the iPad.

    MediaStorm’s Guide to iPad Compression for the Web gives their version of the process of exporting video that is compatible with the iPad format.

    ReadWriteWeb has a post on What Does the iPad Mean For Online Video? This is more of a discussion between the transition from Adobe Flash to browswer based/HTML 5 supported video.

    The DV Show has Create Web Ready Video for the iPad on how to export video and embed the HTML5 code in a web page. Unfortunately you have to be a premium subscriber to see it.

    This is just the first wave, more to come.

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Back That Thing Up - Hard Drive Storage Options

    The reality is that storing video, especially high definition video on your computer takes up hard drive space. This is in addition to your normal system updates, software programs and other items on your computer.

    There is another reason why you need to remove stuff off your system. Intensive programs like photo and video editors require a certain amount of free space when they are open.

    These programs need space for temporary storage and cache copies of the videos or photos that you are working on. If you are running low on what your application needs, crashing can occur.

    I have an option for the non-techies and the do it yourself person.

    For non-techies you can purchase external hard drives. I've seen external 1 Terabyte drives as low at $140 and 2 Terabytes kissing in around $190 at the time of this post. You might not need a terabyte worth of storage now. Keep recording. You will.

    Now you do not have to buy a terabyte drive. If 750GB external drive is in your budget go for it! My point is do something to make sure you don't loose your work. The great thing about external drive is that it is total plug and play.

    For those in the do it yourself realm installing a hard drive is a no brainer.

    I picked up an internal SATA 1TB drive for $109. This is a video by Get Connected that will help you get an idea of how to install a SATA drive. The plastic hard drive carrier displayed in the video is very cool but you might find your hard drive mounted with screws.

    I do have to say that planning how you are going to do it can take the tears out of forgetting something. Planning in this case means:

    • Is your system near its end of life? Mine is three and half years old so kinda, sorta but I'm good where I am. Adding storage will extended the life of old faithful. If my system was five or more years old it would not be worth it.
    • Looking at your prior behavior: do you really need to install that 2002 version of Scrabble?
    • Do you want to install a second drive or a new primary drive? Installing a second drive for storage will save you a heck of a lot of time. Installing a new primary drive will clear out the cooties and allow for fresh installations of your programs.
    • Do you have a good backup and restore program? A Recovery CD/DVD?
    • Do you have the software keys to re-install the software printed or copied elsewhere?
    There is a lot more to planning to backing up your system for a re-installation to a new drive but you get the idea.

    At some point you have to deal with it. For me, that some time is now.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Rush of the Tablet Clones - Patience is Required

    The new fangled Tablet PCs are being birthed in China for world consumption. Tablet PCs are nothing new. However, since the introduction of the the Apple iPad there is new development, inspiration and flat out copying the experience of touch computing without the same level of costs or applications.

    These devices seem to be running on Windows 7 or Android.

    This is a video by IDG who is a publisher of MacWorld and PC World Magazines as well as produces trade and expo events.

    I am keeping a close eye on these devices because this is going to be another way people consume video content. I am already seeing web sites and blogs change their design to accommodate the iPad.

    The hybrid magazines such as Wired are in production. What I will hope happen is that some of the applications for the iPhone/iPad will be migrated to these devices. I also hope for a universal standard or standards that will help us understand how to create video for these Tablets.

    This is not the time to purchase to observe and practice deep contemplation.

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    The Vimeo Festival + Awards

    Vimeo is the place if you are seeking innovative and creative content. Vimeo hosts video goodies that get over shadowed by that other joint and is now doing something about it.

    The Vimeo Festival + Awards -- Malcolm Sutherland from Malcolm Sutherland on Vimeo.
    The Vimeo Festival + Awards is open for submissions in a variety of categories.

    There is serious money up for the win. $25,000 to produce an original work.

    The categories are:
    • Narrative
    • Animation
    • Documentary
    • Motion GFX
    • Music Video
    • Experimental
    • Remix
    • Captured
    • Original Series
    In addition to the awards there will be a two day festival of events with screenings, panels, parties, education, parties, social networking and stuff like that.

    Meet-ups will happen in New York City at the IAC Headquarters and the SVA Theatre in October 8th and 9th 2010.

    No video? No problem. You can cast your vote for the video of your choice. Not a Vimeo member? Still not a problem, use the service of your choice but let them know where to find you.

    Time is ticking.

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    MTA - L.A. County Video Contest - Transit Flicks

    Yes, there is mass transit in Los Angeles. Yes, there are people who voluntarily take the bus, train and other forms of public transportation. I have a lot of say about the MTA but I'm going to try to focus on this specific video contest.

    LA County Transit Operators with MTA taking the lead is having a video contest. I know folks have issues with the MTA. Those of you who ride the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, Foothill Transit, Commuters Express, LA Dash riders, those in Gardena, Long Beach, Montebello, Norwalk, Torrance can also give a video shout out about their transit system.

    MTA Los Angeles Video Contest

    I found out about it a few days ago and have been trying to read the fine print. Let me tell you, I don't care how good your eyesight is 3 point type sucks.

    Enough stalling; these are the details from the MTA Website:

    • Create a brief video. Show us why you like riding buses and trains, and why others would benefit by doing the same. (If you’re filming on a bus, train, at a station or transit center, please use hand-held cameras only – no tripods – and be courteous to other riders.) Maximum length: 2 minutes.
    • Submit an entry form. Fill out the official entry form with your contact information and video title. After submitting the form, you’ll receive upload instructions by e-mail for your video.
    • Upload your video. Follow the upload instructions to present your video for judging.
    • Contest deadline: July 15, 2010. See complete contest rules for further details.
    What I could not find was the required video format? Is cell/mobile phone video ok? Should it be posted or not posted to a video web host site? The size of the video such as 640x480 or can it be in high def?

    I don't know. I can't find anything other the the entry form. My understanding is that you fill out the entry form, the MTA will email you the delivery instructions.

    Yeah, What Is In It For Me?

    The prizes are a transit pass. Hold on, it ain't as cheezy as it sounds. MTA is raising the fare in July. No fooling.
    • Five Honorable Mentions get an EZ Pass for one month. An EZ Pass allows you to hop on all of the mass transit systems, not just Metro. This is an $84 value.
    • 2nd Runner up gets an EZ Pass for three months which amps up to $252 in value.
    • 1st Runner up gets an EZ Pass for six months which in cash money is $504
    • Grand Prize, A Free EZ Transit Pass for one year is $1008
    So for two minutes of video pontification you can take the sting out of getting fair increases.

    What Is the Catch?

    Eh, yeah. Well really you should read the rules for yourself but the headline version is:
    • You have to be 18 years of age or older.
    • Immediate family members of participating transit systems are not eligible. The extra-marital girlfriends of certain MTA drivers seem to be exempt from that restriction but I wouldn't chance it.
    • LACMTA aka Los Angeles County Mass Transit Authority will own the video. You don't get it back. You don't own it anymore. It will be used for publicity and promotion; in perpetuity also known as forever and a day.
    • There is something about how they set the rules and the rules are not negotiable.
    • You will be disqualified if your video disrupts or interferes with service, does not present LACMTA in a favorable light and, you know, the morality thing. So no, you shouldn't aim the camera at the driver without permission, point out the flapping window or ride naked.
    One more thing. Don't record certain entrepreneurial activities on the Blue Line. Really that more personal safety than anything else. Just saying.

    There you have it. Go forth and promote Los Angeles Mass Transit. Deadline for entry is July 11, 2010 at midnight. Get busy.

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    Videomaker's Tutorial on Audio for Video

    It never hurts to spend time getting the audio right in a video. Bad audio can wreck a great visual. Videomaker Magazine has a number of tutorials posted on their YouTube channel. This is an video on how you can get quality sound in your video.

    Just a few quick things to add.

    Part of the reason I harp on knowing the specs on camcorders is that if you are making the decision between two camcorders and one of them has an external Mic jack you want to give bonus points for that camcorder.

    There are times when music can mask a bad sound. Those times are rare.

    You might get away with swapping out the bad video and exchanging it with a narration of the event. Not going to help you if your are doing an interview video. However if you have slightly uneven vocals you might be able to use The Levelator to re-balance the sound.

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    The Freesound Project - Audio Sounds for You Videos

    Do you have a need for the sound of a Nightingale or the sound of a British telephone ring? The right sound can add a jump of creativity in your video. There is a place where you can satisfy your need for lapping waves with the sound of a Sea Gull in the background.

    This place is The Freesound Project.

    FreeSounds Phone Page
    The Freesound Project is just that, sounds. No music or loops. Well, there isn't supposed to be anything else but some folks do no grok the concept. No matter. Let's say you need the sound of being in an Indian restaurant with glasses clinking and people talking.

    The great thing about this is that you have information about the source audio such as time, file size and tags that relate to the contents of the audio. Not sure why an audio sound has to be geotagged but you learn something every day.

    You do have to sign up to download the file. You also agree to give Attribution to the creator as part of the agreement under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license.

    So if you are so inclined let your inner Spike Jones out and explore.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Digital Capital Week - 10 Days and Lots of Creativity

    I just learned from a post on the Yahoo Videobloggers Group by Vincent Njoroge Ndonye that Digital Capital Week is kicking off on June 11, 2010. If you are on the east coast you might want to check it out.

    Digial Capital Week

    There are going to be all kinds of events, festivities and workshops. Vincent is on of the project leaders on the Vlogger and Shorts Mini-Film Festival. Visit the project page for more info. The event is free but it seems it would be a good idea to register.

    It seems like there will be music, parties and much photography/video at the event. It seems like it is a good opportunity for socializing, networking and information exchange.