Friday, January 21, 2011

WSClater and The Unexpected Story

I have been taking a look at personal camcorder stabilizers. I'll have a post about what I found later but WSClater must be an engineer or a life long do it yourself person.

I wish I could do what he does. I like it when I see folks make the invisible visible. I went to his site called DIY Camera and, well you should take a look if you are do it yourself minded.

Builder of Camcorder Stabilization

If you check out the whole page he has got the it laid out how he did it and I'm having envy.

Anyway, being a crafts person is good but what is the sense of having a stabilizer if you don't put it to use? In December 2010 there was an unusual snowy day on the freeway (highway) East Kilbride Expressway someplace in Scotland.

One man, one camcorder with stabilizer and the stories he encountered. I gave up waking in the snow a long time ago but I'm getting such a kick watching him do it with his homemade gizmo.

And that is my unexpected story - you can start out searching for inexpensive camcorder stabilizers and end up in Scotland on a cold, snowy day.

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  1. Agreed re this designer, awesome, but he doesn't have contact details & I need to know how he joins the washer to the friction bearing for panning, other than that issue I would give this a go myself. Any ideas how to find out?

    1. I have taken another look at his blog/website. He does have a YouTube channel. It seems he is in the UK. Unfortunately comments on the video are disabled but you might be able to send him a private message.


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