Monday, February 28, 2011

Tole-rants - 60 Seconds of Problem and Solution

The hubbub about civil debate and discussion was not just a re-action to a terrible event. Tole-Rants is an example of how video can help change the noise level on contentious topics.

From the web site:

Rather than ranting about everything that is wrong in the world, tole-ranters speak from the heart about social problems, and point to potential solutions - in 60 seconds. The dawn of hope-filled, heartfelt communications is here. It's time to tole-rant.

Thinking, reasonable people do want to hear other points of view but they also want to know what can be done about a problem or situation. This seems to be international in focus, this would be a great opportunity for a more positive dialog with the world community.

Tole-Rants are on Facebook and Twitter.

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