Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Look At AdoramaTV Videos

It is interesting how various businesses are using video to educate and promote sales. I don't object so long as there is full disclosure and I have the option choose to view or participate.

Adorama is a photography store in New York. There is a section of the site where customers and visitors can learn more about photography and video. Adorama TV is the video section of the learning center where they will do advertorials, a straight education video or product demonstrations. Some times all three types can be found in one video.

For example, I was researching about tripods so I found the Adorama video. The information presented was accurate, no question but if Mark happens to demonstrate a Manfrotto tripod with the Adorama logo in the background then you might decide to check out the other fine products on the web site.

Mark Wallace is the host of the videos and does a nice job conveying information.

The store is focused on traditional still photography but with the growing popularity of digital single reflex cameras that can record video they have had to expand to keep up with their customers.

Videos of Interest:
  • HDSLR episodes on shooting video with a DSLR camera. Start with Part 1, Shooting Video with A DSLR Camera.
  • The videos on Aperture Values and Understanding Stops aka f/stops can be a very helpful demonstration. Even if you are on a fixed lens camcorder this can help you understand why your point and share camcorder with a f/3.5 stop does not do a good job of recording video in the living room.
  • The Depth of Field video was very helpful in talking about a hard concept to explain.
I also encourage you to check out the ALC Leaning Center, many goodies in that section of the site.

My Takeaway:

I do understand that the purpose of these educational videos is to build a relationship and get you to explore the Adorama web site to make a purchase. Please keep your information, media and financial literacy caps on your head as you watch.

Or lock up the credit card.

Any decent vendor wants to develop an on-going relationship with their customers.This is a good way to do it. This is resource for those of us who need this type of information in a format we can access. Check it out and see if it works for you.

This is worth diving in deeper to take a look.

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  1. Hi Gena

    Delighted to see that you've been enjoying the videos from Adorama TV; I've passed on a link to your blog to Mark Wallace, and I know he'll be delighted.

    Let me know if there is anything particular you'd like to see covered in the future - I can't promise but we'll certainly do our best!

    Helen Oster ☺
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


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