Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Look at Citizen Journalism Resources

Things are jumping all over. People have their video on their mobile and smartphones. On the day that I am writing this there is protests in Wisconsin and Ohio not to mention the 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

The main thing I want to stress is to stay safe.

Directly aiming a video or cell phone camcorder in a police officers face is not safe. That same officer trying to take your camcorder or mobile phone and aiming a gun?

Give the camcorder up. Otherwise ask why or refuse with the understanding you might go to jail.

Climbing unsteady surfaces to get the video is not safe.

Getting encased in a mob action, so not safe.
This is a quick and dirty round-up of resources folks can use or ramp up to speed concerning recording actual events.

Legal Resources

Electronic Freedom Foundation page on Bloggers' Rights and the Legal Guide to Bloggers

Video Resources

YouTube has the Project Report channel where folks can upload news and public interest videos. In addition there is a section on the channel page where you can watch videos about how to do it better.

Writing Resources

Daily Kos has a list of resources for those people that practice citizen journalism as a normal part of their blogging experiences. It is a long list but there might be something that can lead to a helpful web site or blog.

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