Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Look at Online Video Tutorials

Let me say from the get-go that there are a lot of bogus, gassed up phony web sites and blogs claiming to show you how to do video production and promising that you can make a gazzion dollars. I hate those sites!

Before I post a resource I do try to do some background checking and snooping so that folks do not wind up at a leach factory. New York Video School seems straight up legit. is a commercial site where your can purchase a membership to access tutorial videos on shooting, editing and profiting from your video productions.

There is entry level video tutorial material on the site but the advanced tutorials are geared to prosumer and aspiring professional video producers. NYVS does have videos that you can view for free.

This is an example from the NYVS YouTube channel on Video Storytelling Intermediate Scriptwriting Techniques:

Michael Rosenblum is a television producer and media consultant/trainer. There is a list of corporations he has worked with on his other web site, Rosenblum does consulting work with corporations and produces content for buyers. There are other instructors that cover the hardware, software and production tutorials.

The site has a blog, an active forum community that is visible and there are other features that are not hidden behind a pay wall. You get to determine if a membership investment is worth it you.

At this time the $9.95 monthly and the$79.95 year I'd have to say that the membership fees are affordable.

Is It Worth It?

It depends on your needs. The information can be obtained at other places on the Internet. The advantage would be that the instructors involved are working professionals. There would be opportunities to ask questions and get a direct answer.

The community does offer feedback on videos uploaded for evaluation. I think you have to honestly assess your skill level.

I'd say yes if you:
  • are a person that wants to get a grip on certain video concepts
  • don't have access or can't afford local video training and instruction options
  • are good at self study and want to supplement your readings with video
  • are willing to participate with other people at various skill levels.
If you are seeking professional level tutorials and assistance you are going to be over at Creative Cow. If Creative Cow is too advanced for you at this time this might be a better option.

P.S. I am not a member. I'm thinking about it but I have to examine my skills, time and budget constraints.

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