Friday, April 1, 2011

Pasadena Community Network Training Course

I recently attended a citizen journalism discussion at the Pasadena Public Library. I have video that I'll be sharing over the next couple of days but I wanted to give a head's up to folks in the Pasadena, CA area about a resource, The Citizen Journalism Meet-up.

PCN Citizen Journalism Training Course
The citizen journalism meet-up is focused on providing journalism skills and techniques to make sure there is a certain quality level to creating news content.

There is also a training course being offered by the Pasadena Community Network (PCN). According to the brochure I have they give an orientation to:"studio production, theory and community access guidelines."

Once you become vetted as a producer you can create your own programs for the Arroyo Channel which is pipped out to Charter subscribers and parts of Los Angeles County. The programs are also displayed on the PCN web site.

The Pasadena Community Network is a part of the Pasadena Community Access Corporation, as part of their mission they provide training in how to use studio equipment, cameras and how to produce programs for the various channels.

I was an active participant in public access television production back in the day so I can vouch it is a great way to learn and produce content for the community. If you do have open and welcoming public access channel in your area you should consider hanging out for a bit and see what you can learn from each other.

If you don't have a functional or accessible public access system no worries, review my citizen journalism tag to monitor on-line resources.

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