Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Look At FoxArc Movie Editor

If $30 is just about what you want to spend this is software for you but you might get what you pay for. FoxArc Movie Editor does many of the tasks that Windows Movie Maker can do and wee bit more.

If you have an older computer but want to juice up your editing software this might do it for you but lets look at the details. The lack of relevant product information from the web site might give you a clue as to if you should purchase this program. Maybe. Maybe not.

FoxArc Moving Editing Software
System Requirements

There is no system requirement page that let's you know what you need but there is text on the main page that states the software can run under Windows 2000, XP and Vista. So a computer purchased within five years or so should have no trouble running the software.

It might be an option for laptop or even Netbook users. But I can't say for sure because I could find no specification page.

  • Animation effect that you can apply over the video
  • Applying masks and creative edges, I'm thinking frames, to videos.
  • Apply video filters
  • Text effects like overlay titles over video
  • Add video transitions between clips.
Most of these are standard features you can find in a decent basic consumer video editing program.

Import Video

I couldn't tell you. As of April 5, 2011 I searched the Front page, product page and help. There is no mention of what video formats the software accepts or does not accept.

Export Format

Yes, that they do mention. AVI, MPEG(DVD/SVCD/VCD), SWF and 3GP format.

Help and Support

There is a very brief tutorial page on each section of production. There is e-mail support only. No phone, no address, troubleshooting guide, no other means of contact.

You Get What You Pay For - Sometimes.

I'm not knocking the software. I haven't used it. As a consumer when I go to a vendor web site that has a product that I am interested in buying I expect to see a few things.
  • Detailed product information
  • Can the software run on my system?
  • What are the file formats that this program can import? I don't know and believe me I checked that site up and down to find that out. Those of us that have camcorders that use .mod, .mts, .tod and other video formats do want option that don't involve conversion.
  • Help should be a little more than what I would expect to find in the Help menu of the software. A troubleshooting guide? A list of known issues? A video of the product features?
The Bottom Line

This is inexpensive software. It might work just fine. I understand that some vendors feel they have no obligation to provide anything other than a working, functional, non-destructive product. No spam, no toolbars, no crud.

There is no obligation but it might be good business. It might lend confidence in a person forking over cash because there is evidence that the software can solve a user problem. I read almost all of the pages on the web site to give you what little I found.

Paying for good software means you get a product demonstrations, a viable help page, video examples, a specification page and confirmation that the purchase will be secure between you and the vendor.

My bottom line is at all times, be an informed consumer.

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