Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video from the Voces de Cambio Project

I and a lot of other people contributed to the Voces de Cambio Visual Storytelling Project. Basically the idea is give Guatemalan teenage girls a camcorder and some instructions and see what they will do with it.

What will they see about their world and their lives?

Lucas Mulder sent the Kickstart contributors an e-mail. This is the first video. It is in Spanish from Brenda who is interviewing a taxi cab driver.

Lucus writes:

For those who don't speak Spanish basically he talks about how he loves the architecture of the city, the traditions, the kindliness of the people who live here, and then ends with how proud he is to call himself a "Quetzalteco."

It's an amazing job for never having used a video camera before, and I'm really excited to see what the next two months will bring.

This is the kind of investment that brings me much joy. The project now has blog at http://vocesdecambio.tumblr.com

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