Friday, August 26, 2011 Bloatware - Be Careful

I know I have suggested that people download software from trusted sources. The first place would be directly from the vendor web site. The next option is use either Major Geeks or

Sadly, I have to encourage you not to make use of a long time safe haven. According to a number of well known tech web sites, is now wrapping software with a installer that will make Bing your search engine and MSN as you start page. That is what they are fessing up to at the moment but things change.

I got no beef with Microsoft Bing or MSN but I choose what I want for a start page.

Installing bloatware is a big N0-No. It was the very thing that drove people away from the other download sites. CNet use to boast that it tested for spyware, crapware and blocked the true icky adware we didn't want in our computer.

CNet more than any company should know what that means to a nerd/geek/tech savant. You shouldn't have to opt out of receiving known gunk on your computer. CNet does have a FAQ response to the question by stating that it is for the users benefit.

No, it is not. I never asked for it or wanted it. Not me. Nope. I have been downloading files for nigh on 16 years and I think I got the hang of it.

Select file, make sure of the Save location, click OK.

I would suggest that you go very slowly on any software installation so that you can find all of the boxes that you have to un-check to prevent the bloat software from installing.

Sadness to have to type this. I use CNet for a variety of purposes but this is one I gotta let go off. People are looking for that stray dollar but some things just ain't right.

This is one of them.

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