Sunday, August 21, 2011

Video Post Mortem 3 or Leaning The Wrong Way

Well, you get one problem solved and another arrives to teach you a new lesson. I kept looking at the video, something wasn't right. Then I really looked at it.

The speaker was leaning to one side. Using the table as a point of reference there is more table on the left side of the screen than there is on the right.

Uneven Tripod EffectGadzooks. I think it was one of the tripod legs not fully extended or the head of the tripod wasn't level. I do have a level gauge on the tripod but it is real obvious I did not double check it.

To solve the problem what I did was to use the Pan and Zoom feature in my video editing program. It is a form of video cropping. I tried to isolate the speaker from the table and the lines that were providing clues to that the video not being level.

Let me emphasis this isn't a good solution; especially with standard definition video. I am recording in high definition. That isn't a good reason to do this unless you don't have a choice.

Using the Pan and Zoom feature will reduce the quality of the video.

So that is what I did. It would have worked better if there wasn't decorative lines on the wall or if I could have gotten rid of the chairs.

The best I could do was minimize the problem.

The lesson for today is that I need to make sure each tripod leg is fully extended and that level bubble is indeed level.

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