Sunday, October 2, 2011

Comcast XFinity VidBlogger Nation

Well, if you can't get them off of YouTube then you start your own tube. Or cable channel. Comcast XFinity has recruited known videobloggers/social media participants to provide content for the new cable channel. Those of you still on cable can check out VidBlogger Nation.

Long time videoblogger Zennie Abraham talks with Marc Scarpa talking about the channel:

You can read more about Zennie's participation on the new network on his SF Gate post.

What Is A Rose By Any Other Name?

The term videoblogging can be a contentious one. To me, it is video on a blog. That video can be talking head, travel, how-to, citizen journalism or whatever you want it to be; but I lean toward non-corporate user generated. I do have exception, there are corporate and business video blogs I'll watch but I want to hear from local, regional and international voices.

There are other people who believe that it is personal narration, essay, performance, entertainment that is one person and one camera.
So this channel seems to be a mash-up of the two concepts except that it is not on a blog. My head hurts.

How To Find The Channel

Part of the challenge is that the channel is not exactly front and center on a menu system. Not to worry. Chawman shows you how to find the channel:

VidBlogger Nation is in a few markets at the moments. Time will tell if this is a go or not. If you want to learn more or who is participating check out the VidBlogger Nation web site.

P.S. I have nothing to do with Zip. Nada. Just passing information down the line.

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