Thursday, November 17, 2011

How The Stop Online Piracy Act Affects Creating Videos

I am not sure that I trust Congress to do the right thing anymore. SOPA is a draconian act that would be so overreaching in intent that it would seriously cripple free expression, exchange of information and reporting of any kind of controversial topic not generated by mainstream media.

This is no joke. Read some of the background information from the Electronic Freedom's Foundation (EFF) to understand what is at risk.

Or watch the video.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

I don't use the word draconian lightly. From the Electronic Freedom Foundation:
Section 103 of the bill sets up a so-called “market-based system” which would allow individuals and companies to cut off financial support from websites — both foreign and domestic — simply by sending a notice to their payment providers or ad networks. In many cases, these sites are dependent on the revenue from those payments and ad networks for day-to-day operation
So let's say a snippet of music from a radio that is playing while you record a street scene. Anybody, a troll, a company or someone that does not like what you are recording. They can get you and your web host bounced from the Internet.

Or they can choke payments to your web host causing them to make a decision between freedom of speech and survival.Which one would you pick?

This act is bad because if it goes into effect you will have:
  • No warning
  • No process or procedure or redress
  • No legal support
  • No nothing.
Let's get closer to home. Vimeo has been sued by Capitol Records for aiding and abetting copyright infringement. Because some folks lip synced a song.

Yes, copyright holders have the right to protect your property. That is already in place. SOPA would go one step further by seizing money generated by Vimeo. It could shut it down.

As well as Viddler. Oh, yes and some joint called YouTube.

We need to be aware of what people with limited understanding of the Internet, these would be Congress people, that are being schooled by the RIAA, MPAA and others like minded agencies that really would like to turn back the clock to 1976.

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