Friday, January 6, 2012

Learning About Demo and Screencasting Videos

I really want to know and understand how to communicate information better. I am currently taking informal courses in how to make a demo movie and one in screencasting techniques.

A demo movie is when a company wants to introduce a product or service to potential clients. How do you get the word out? What does the product or service do for the consumer?

Screencasting is embraced by educators, tutors or folks like me that want to show you how to do something that is generated on the computer or by photographs and screen images.

Some of the commonalities are:
  • Knowing your audience
  • Having a good script
  • Be engaging and not dull
  • Keep it brief
The screencasting class is free to access. I'm checking out section by Avi Soloman

The demo video class is a fee based kind of deal that I found via GrumoMedia with Miguel Fernandez.

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