Friday, April 13, 2012

Example of CicLaVia Videos 2010-2011

CicLaVia is happening this weekend in Los Angeles. Many of our local streets will be car free and bikes, skateboards and all manner of non-engine locomotion will be engaged in on Sunday, April 15th.

Folks will be recording up a storm. Mainly at the cars and the drivers who will have X-amounts of cuss words to say as they cannot freely ram into a bike.

On the CicLaVia website and searching YouTube those folks that have gone before have videos posted on their experience at the event.

It isn't just about riding a bike. Is is also about being in the world and participating in different kinds of experiences.

Talking dodge ball baby....

So if you can come on out to CicLaVia or look for a similar event in your community. Be on the look out for the unexpected and the interlocking meeting of various communities.

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