Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inside The Story and Doing Good

Taking a brief pause in the search for planned consumption to give a shout out to an inspirational e-book that is also a way to help folks that really need it.

More Info About Inside the Story
Adam Westbrook has asked working creatives and journalists their ideas and philosophies about telling a good story. He has gathered the advice in an e-book that will be on sale for a limited time.

The proceeds of the book will be donated to Kiva, which is a non-profit crowd source micro financed organization for broke folks that have an idea and want to start a business in countries like Africa, Asia and South America.

The book cost U.S. folks about $6.60 or there abouts but the sale will be £3.50 GBP cuz the dude is in England.

I got a copy and it is a good shot of inspiration and advice. It is not exactly a how to but ideas on how to get it done. Anyway, if you want it get a move on because it is only available for about four weeks and one of them has slipped by.

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