Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MakeUseOf YouTube Guide Review

There is a lot of goodies at MakeUseOf.com but let me call your attention to their YouTube Guide - from Consumption to Production.

It is a simple 24 page guide that takes give you a little history, some stats and how to get the most out of the video web host. The guide can be downloaded free as a pdf or for those of you not on a Kindle you can get it as an .epub file. Kindle folks need to fork up 99 cents.

 I'd say this guide is a good general overview of the features of YouTube for newbies to uploading and editing on the site. However, I just learned that there was an alternative way to edit inside of YouTube.

Those of you that live and die by the numbers or want a better understanding of the stats and analytics but don't know what that means should scarf up that sections.

If you just want it short and sweet there is a Tips sheet on YouTube Shortcuts. That was very helpful, I did not know about Tab key.

It is a short read and helps to fill in some of the gaps. What have you got to loose? If you know it all don't bother to read it. If you are curious swing on over to the site.

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