Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Digging Into the Baskett of Goodies Part 3

There are good people writing and recording amazing things about multimedia, mobile communications and recording the experience. And since I can't seem to draw a single thought out of my head at 4:30 in the morning I'm going to share some necessary goodies we all need to know about.

Ok, everybody yabbers on about the 5-Shot Method of shooting video. So check out this video from Andrew Zahler's Old Blog called Shooting In the Forrest. Try to reverse engineer it. What are the elements that make this work?

Adam Westerbrook has a good post about How to Make Boring Things Interesting In Video which I am printing out to read on the bus. I pity you poor drivers; you miss out on a lot.

Deb Winger at Advancing the Story has a piece on how a reporter used mobile journalism to cover a story about stranded manatees and how local folks returned them to the Saint Johns River.

I remember seeing Jesse Thorn at a local meet-up for independent media makers and activists. In addition to being a sharp dressed man he has a lot of information to share. This is a very long and worth your time post that appears on entitled Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success.

Too hip, gotta go.

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