Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recording the MidLife Session at BlogHer 2012

Trying to ramp back up to speed. I mentioned a few days ago that sometimes you have to record in less that perfect conditions. This time I did not accept YouTube gracious offer to enhance my video.

The videos were recorded in conference room lighting. I got as close as I could and used a tripod. Is it broadcast quality? No. Is it acceptable for web video. For the time being, yes.

Ann L. Dunnewold, Ph.D is talking about how society tends to label women after a certain age. Ann Dunnewold writes about aging issues on her blog at VibrantNation.com 

Darryle Pollack talks about invisibility of older women, how brands ignore that population and what can be done about it.

Patricia Patton talks about confronting the expectations of younger business people. She is an etrepreneur yet the pre-existing notions from younger adults could block economic equity. To learn more about what Patricia is working on visit Boomerwizdom.com

Processing Details

I recorded with an older Panasonic SD 10x camcorder.  Edited with Serif MoviePlus X5. Boosted audio using iZotrope. Music and Speech Cleaner.

Busy, busy, busy...

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