Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Chunk of the L.A. River Video

I guess I should say something about what I am doing. I have a lot of videos that I recorded over the years. I really want to do non-talking head videos about where I live. So as I download reference copies I'll post a few of them on this blog.

In 2008 I was uploading video in Windows Movie Video (.wmv) and had transitioned to DSL. Still recording on standard definition but web video moved from 320x280 to 512x 288 or in that general area.

To upload a file took a long time so compression was still very important to manage. Just the beginning of serious mobile use but watching video on a mobile phone was not necessarily easy. It got better in time.

Southern California is a place of constant contradictions. One of my goals is to show those contradictions, like this video recorded about the Los Angeles river.  I could also give a bit of history and perspective about that slab of concrete that has water running down it.

I created this video as part of VloMo 2008. My tip of the say is when you get stuck for an idea take a small section of where you are and show others what you see and experience. Which is exactly what happened.

If the world goes belly up in December I want to show what it looked like before the horsemen saddle up.

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