Friday, October 19, 2012

The Future of Storytelling 2012 Videos

I'm not quite ready for the future of storytelling. Trying to work it into my day to day living is challenge enough. But I keep an eye out for people that are looking at the long view.

Once upon at time in 2012 there was a panel of thinking people talking about the The Future of Storytelling. That is not unusual, people talk about it all of the time. 

What if you could here a bit more about the presenters and dive deeper into the reason they create and interpret the world?  There is a collection of videos from some of the people that presented at the 2012 The Future of Storytelling.

The video above is Damian Kulash from the band OK Go. This is 12 minute exploration of how Damian looks at creativity, music, business and re-defining boundaries. Much good stuff in the video and two or more dogs.

Can't go wrong.

Other videos include biologists, game designers and more.  Make space on your media player of choice cuz some of this videos could get you through a long day.

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