Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Videocollectif - Three Minutes In Your City

Things are jumping all over the joint. Ah, well. I do the best I can. If I could, I'd write more about the experimental/artistic possibilities of what people are doing with video. Currently there is a bum rush to monetize and bump up the viewers with formulaic content.

Nothing wrong with that, there can be great work created in a structure. But what if you are not the structured type? This is a video by Camille Geoffray

My French is almost non-existent but my understanding from the English side of Videocollectif is that there is (was?) an on-going on-off collective of folks who record video of their environment. Those videos can be artistic, experimental or documentary in nature. However the artist define what they do.

There can be an organized display of the work but not necessarily. From what I can figure out, if you are so moved you can make your own three minute video with 10 seconds worth of credits to show the slice of heaven or hell you currently occupy.

I don't know more than that. This might be just an archive of prior submissions. I'd like to think of it as a touchstone of possibilities waiting for the next group to move it a bit forward. Dive in, sample and think about the alternatives to L7.

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