Monday, November 26, 2012

GSA Guide to Making Video Accessible

It use to be a pain in the body to try and caption video. It still is an irritation but some video editing program make it easier to use the caption/subtitle feature.

Most of us don't do it because of time or habit. That is becoming an invalid excuse, especially if you are interested in creating demo, training or international sales materials.

This is a publication put out by the Government Service Administration. I will tell you now that it is not a quick read, even though it is five pages.

The guide is for those folks in government or who are producing materials using government funds how to make their presentations accessible. If you are in K-12 education you have to do this. College level as well.

You say this has nothing to do with you? Er, not so fast.

In the coming months, more of the content that you see on the web will have captions. Many of the online distribution providers are telling the cool kids to work it into their videos.

Look, all I'm saying is start to think about how captioning/subtitles could be of help to communicate your message.

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