Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When Not To Install That App

There are times where you should not install an application. Besides when you have the flu, cuz really you should just stay in bed and heal. I was just about to post an item about an Android video editing app. I've been searching for a good one. There isn't much out there.

It didn't feel right.  The web site was glitzy. Lots of promises made as to what it could do.  I could download it from the web site.

Nope. Not just yet. So I played a hunch and went to Google Play.

It isn't there.

Samsung Apps? Not there either, not that many people go to Samsung for their apps needs. Not hating on Samsung. Amazon? Nada.

My point is that the software hasn't been vetted. Screened. Given an outside look over. Not that apps in the Google Store are vetted like in the iUniverse.

Yet, if the software is a good as they say it is then it should be in the Google Play Market. It isn't

I'm not out to bust this company. I'm specifically not mentioning the software name.

You have to be safe and think before you download a world of hurt.

Are the features promised in line what is currently technologically possible? This goes back to researching. I knew that the best Android video editing program is just a trimmer with a few added features.

This software promised a whole lot of innovation that nobody is talking about.

Do a search for reviews of the product from a variety of sources. Search for the critical ones, they care enough to tell you their pain.

Be careful.

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