Sunday, December 30, 2012

Is Your Blog or Vlog Mobile Functional?

My desktop is my primary way of using the Internet. I am slowly adapting to the mobile experience. It took a while but I now have a very simple, basic tablet that allows me to go deeper in to Android 4.0. Well, a phone based version of Android that was plunked onto a knock-off Asia inspired tablet.

(It was really inexpensive. I expect the tablet to die in five months. Don't buy cheap.) You will be sorry. Anyway,  I don't know why it took so long but I got a gander at the mobile version of my blog.

Oh, dear. This is what the mobile version of my blog looks like.

What Mobile Visitors Don't See

On the mobile version visitors of my blog visitors can only see the main body or a specific blog post. They cannot see the sidebars. They cannot see the tags for specific categories that they might be interested in or other website I've recommended for additional resources.

The good news is that I have other links at the bottom. The bad news is that they may or may not be what a new person to my blog wants to know at this time.

I can add links but I have to (and you need to) be aware that you can't load up each and every post replicating side bar links. That would be an invitation to be deep sixed by search engines thinking you are ginning up the system.

Video? What Video?

Yes, there is video on this blog. Not near as much as there should be but I do what I can. There are challenges when watching videos on tablets. For the record, the upper level tablets are not going to give you grief about displaying videos.

I beg to remind you that not everyone got an new iPad for the holidays. Still more people are on an older versions of Android or iOS tablet. You can't fix all of the concerns but you should be aware of them.
One of those concerns is HTML 5 video compatibility; not all mobile browsers have it or if they do the device that you are viewing on may not have the brain power to display it.

W3 School HTML5 Browser Video Compatibility Page

Using the browser that came with my tablet, a no-name blue globe thingy, I can watch videos with no problem but the search experience is dodgy.

I like Opera for mobile browsing, easy to use and quicker. Yet I cannot view videos at all, even if I go directly to Vimeo or YouTube.

Chrome? Nope I can't seem to install it on my tablet.  Firefox? Installs fine, is HTML 5 compliant but will not show videos.

You might have to consider an alternate link back to the video distribution pages.

And that is just mobile HTML 5 issues. I got more problems.

Android 4.0 and higher does not support Flash. Those on older Android systems can view Flash video content. Flash is going away but there are many older tablets that use Flash it for watching videos.

I see legacy obsolescence headaches just around the bend.

Not to mention WebM, Ogg Vorbis, older sites with Real Media content and goodness knows what is coming down the road.

The Mobile Functional Takeaways

I'll need to create a new referral section for mobile users that balances my need to mention my prior posts without making the search gods and goddesses angry. I have 800 posts to update; this could take some time.

Not sure what the final form will take. It might be just a variation of what I have been doing but now adding a category with two or more prior posts.

I will need to be more descriptive in the post, which comes back to possibly transcribing what is being said in the video. I have to think about that one.

Increase my sharing on Google+ and Facebook. Some of my potential visitors will never step foot onto an actual blog without getting exposed to it on their home turf.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Weekly Flickr Video Series

Okay, Yahoo's The Weekly Flickr Video has two videos at the time of this post but Flickr seems to want to engage folks again after a long disconnect with users.

The Weekly Flickr talks to and displays the work of photographers using Flickr to display their images. This is a video that they did on Kyle Thompson.

Yahoo Video on Kyle Thompson
(I originally had posted the video but discovered that it starts automatically. And loud. So you can visit the blog post instead. It is a good video.)

Call it an essay, a brief bio video, storytelling or what have you but this is kinda one of those multilevel learning experiences. This is just a few of the things I got from the video:

Kyle knew nothing about photography and challenged himself to learn and do. His goal was to take 365 photos; along the way something happened.

He developed a Flickr community to support his work, which is hard when a lot of people moved away from Flickr to other supportive sites like 500px.

The Yahoo team is wisely trying to reconnect with the Flickr community and beyond. That three months of a free Pro account holiday gift didn't hurt but if they continue to come back to social media there might be new avenues for distribution. Might even want to think about bumping up that 90 seconds video limitation.

A little reverse engineering of how they created the above video is never a waste of time for those that want to learn to do it better. I will be spending time in observation mode.

My understanding is that the videos are posted to the Flickr Blog on Fridays as well as on the Yahoo Studios web site. Which I didn't even know they had. A post for another time. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trimming Video with MPEG Streamclip

Out of a fifteen minute video there is only three good minutes. What if you just want to snip a section of a video? You don’t want to edit but you just want to extract a segment from your recording. MPEG Streamclip has a trimming tool to help you extract a video.

As a reminder, MPEG Streamclip can open the following video file extensions: .ts, .ps, .vob, .vro, .dat, .vdr, .pvr, .rec, .mpeg, .mpg, .m2p, .m2t, .mts, .m2v, .m1v, .mpv, .mmv, .mod, .vid, .avr, .dcm, .tp, .tp0, .trp, .tod, .mov, .dv, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .divx.

If your video is an .mpeg or you are trying to extract from a DVD you will need to purchase the QuickTime MPEG add-on. There is a version for Mac users and for PC users.

The current version 1.2.1b6 of the software will not work with AVCHD  or .wmv type videos. You will have to find a way to convert them before using the software.

I am using the menu for this demo but it is quicker to use the keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1. Open the program and locate the video you want to edit.

Step 2. Select the video you want to trim.

Step 3. Locate the Playerhead at the bottom of the screen. Click your left mouse button (PC Users) and press down it as you move the Playhead to the right. Release when you are at the starting point of your trim. This is the in-point or the start of your trim.

Step 4. Next, go to the Edit menu and select the Select In point command.

Step 5. Move the Playhead to the desired end point of your video. Return to the Edit Menu and Select the Select Out point command.

The Trim command will remove anything before the start point and end point of the video. Now that you have your in and outpoint set you are ready to trim the video.

Step 6. One more time, return to the Edit Menu and select the Trim command.

The video will be trimmed. Once trimmed you can export the video.

For example, you could export the trimmed video as an AVI:

You have options on changing the sound, the frame size or if you are working with interlaced video to de-interlace it. When you are ready, click the Make AVI button.

This is really important, save the trimmed video with a different name. Adding a number works fine. Also know where you are saving the trimmed video so that you don't have to go hunting for it.

Using the Trim command can be a time saver, you can rescue a good segment from a blah video and either upload to your video distribution service or edit in another program.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eclipse T2810C Media Player Video Review

I do go on and on about buying cheap camcorders and recording devices. With a little time and research you can do better. This is my meager effort to take the hit for the team in order to reinforce a basic concept; research before you buy.

In today’s tale of woe, I want to talk about multifunctional devices. There are media players, smartphones and tablets. The promise is that the device can do a lot of tasks in a singular form factor.
Note I said, the promise. The reality is that it does one thing very well, two things acceptable and the rest is crap that you can live without.

I was in a brick and mortar establishment just walking around excluding things I don’t want to buy. I walk past the Eclipse T2810C. I tend to do that when electronics are encased in pink. I used to like pink as a child. I sometimes wear pink clothing as an adult.

I don’t want every item in my world to be pink. That is just me. I know some folks really do have a pink existence. More power to them.  I don’t want to walk around with a pink camcorder type device.

This is not a camcorder. This is an mp3 player with the ability to record video.

I thought about it; who is the target buyer for that device?  Girl people. Young girl people who might see the words camcorder and think that they are getting a deal. Or worse, their mothers, aunts and grandmothers who think this is a good gift for the girl child.

Bad thinking frugalistas, very bad.

Let’s Look at the Specs

  • 1.3 Megapixel camera/camcorder
  • 15 frames per second
  • AVI video format
  • Per the ad,  copy you can record 8 hours of video (the devil is in the details)
  • 4GB on on-board storage with the ability to add a microSD card for additional storage.
This is what it looks like in reality:

Some like it small and if you do then 320x240 ought to be the ticket for you. Yes, that is how you get 8 hours of video on a 4GB internal storage card.

If you like jumpy, grainy standard definition video that is in the 4:3 aspect ratio then this is the device for you. And that chugging sound you hear is not my neighbors air condition unit.  That is the sound of the on-board mic picking up the sound of recording the video.

This is Not A Hate Piece

As a mp3 player for $20 it does the job, once you get past the resistive touch screen. There is an included pointer to help with that but even with the pointer it is a challenge. The sucker puts up an active resistance to function. And if you have medium to large fingers you will have issues.

They are three videos that are included with the device, a group of country western singers that are not bad or offensive. I’m not a fan of modern country music or what passes for it but this ain’t bad. Those video display just fine.

But that is not why we are here. I would say that this is more along the lines of a Helga type of recording experience. I think with its extreme limitations in mind you could craft something unique.
You’d have to work dang hard at it but it could be done.

For normal day to day recording, no.
For memory keeping, hell no.
For experimental art, creativity and stuff like that…maybe.

So if you are standing in Sears, Wal-Mart, K-Mart or some other store and you think this would be a good gift then think again and move on. For the record, it does not matter if it is pink, blue or black. It is what it is.

If you are a video creative who lusted over the PXL-2000 and want to relive past glory then this is about as close as you are gonna get. I think the PXL-2000 video quality (black, white and silver) may have a slide edge over the Eclipse.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Moving Forward - Amber and Nash's Video

I try to stand and beat the drum for more women to use video to tell their stories. I believe we are transformed into a higher purpose of being when a personal story help someone days or weeks down the line.

You never know who will be helped. Sometimes they will tell you. Most times they will not.

We gotta make the effort. This is a video by Amber and Nash that folks have been point other people to by e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

For my hearing impaired peeps this is a video without voice, there are text cards.

It doesn't have to be fancy. It just needs a starting point.

You are the starting point.

If you are having a bad day you should watch it. If you are having a really bad day you gotta watch it.

Otherwise, watch the video.

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Vocativ Video on Smartphone Recording

The number of people using smartphone to record video is growing. Slowly there are device specific recording techniques that can help you steady the shot and capture quality video.

Vocativ is a new kind of news site that will come out of Beta soon. My understanding is that it will be a combination of journalism that will tap into data and social media sources to assemble a more complete story.

One of the things that Vocativ wants to encourage more citizen journalism recording.

This is a video from their community site that gives doable techniques to record a public protest or a community peace out.

Kinda re-enforces what I have been saying:

  1. Have a plan when you go out to record.
  2. Snag a variety of shots.
  3. Make sure the audio is tight.
  4. Make extra sure you are safe, especially around those folks wearing blue and carry a baton or tazer.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

YouTube Capture App - Social Record and Share It Now

Well the end may not be in sight but change, oh my the changes are coming. If you have a iPhone or iPod Touch this could make you very happy.

This is the scenario. You see a video recordable moment, you pull out the phone, open the YouTube Capture App and record.

When you finish you upload directly to YouTube and your social media accounts.

Dig the video:

You can tweak the video, color correct or do what you want before uploading. We are talking simultaneous uploading to Twitter, Google+ or whatever you are into. And if you are into privacy you can set the video to be private so that you can work on it later.

Sorry Andriodians, we will have to wait for our change to come. Verily we know about the wait but dang.

It is just not fair.

Oh, yeah. It is a free app.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SoundGator - When You Need A Whoosh

A sound effect can add a little extra spice or exclamation point to a video. Used carefully, it can be just the right accent to a story. SoundGator is a collection of sounds effects that you can use for your production.

SoundGator Sound Effects

You can browse a category or type in the name of the sound you want.  You can audition the sound and then if it is a match then it is yours to download.

Yes, it does say free sound effects. Well, once you register with an e-mail address. I took a quick look at the User License; you are free to use the sound effect in a video, multimedia or other types of productions.

Which seems really generous. I then looked at the Terms of Service. You should always look at the Terms of Service.

  • You agree to provide accurate contact information.
  • You agree to behave yourself when using the site.
  • If something goes wrong because you used their site you can't hold them legally accountable.
  • No promise of continued service or commitment.
  • This is confusing; there are worldwide users however if you have a serious beef then you will be governed by the laws of the state. Which state? Which country? And what has the United Nations got to do with this?
 The only means of contact is via an e-mail address.

Hmm. On the surface this seems okay. If there is a sound that really works for you I guess you could dig out a registration only e-mail address and give it a go. My guess is that you probably will receive offers to purchase other types of sounds or items.

Free is not free. You will have to decide if this is a fair trade-off or not.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

There Is No Secret to Making A Video

I just came away from a bad blog trying to game the system by having people pay for crappy private label regurgitated fecal matter. I have ranted about this irritation in previous posts. It isn't going away but I'll fight it with all that I have to give. You don't have to pay for bad information.

There are so many resources that really try to give you the straight scoop. Part of my mission is to get you what you need to make videos or to point the way to others that communicate the concept better.

There are creators that come at video education from a sales and marking background. There isn't a thing wrong if the person actually has a grip. There are the technoids, the Pro-Am circuit and everything else in-between.

You know what? You have what you need and the rest can be acquired when you are ready. So here is the short version:


You can record with a:
  • WebCam
  • Smartphone
  • Media player like iTouch, 5 Generation Nano or any multifunction MP3 player
  • Tablet
  • Still Photo Cameras with video functions
  • Camcorders
  • Screen Recorders 
  • Game Engine Recorders
You have to work hard not to have some kind of recording device these days. Not all of the the above devices will be the best quality but you have what you need to get started.



You don't have to edit. You probably should but you don't have to. If your video is longer than a minute, yeah you need to edit.

On the Mac OS you have iMovie. On the PC side you have various incarnations of Windows Movie Maker. Those are the known quality freebies that will work with your system.

I hear tell that Lightwork for Linux is just about to come out of Beta. Long have the Linux crowd has suffered so this is welcome news.

For under $100 you can find excellent user friendly video editing software. You can even find good stuff for under $60.  Paying for quality video editing software can make the process at a lot easier.


If you choose to edit you can export the video to a desired format, DVD for those relatives that do not do the Internet. MP4 for uploads to video distribution services like Vimeo and YouTube or your social media pipeline.

If you don't choose to edit then you can use the service of your choice to transfer a copy of the video from your device to a distribution service or social media account.

That is what you need to know. Now it isn't everything that you need to know. This is the foundation or your starting point.

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One In 8 Million - NYT Slide Stories

I try not to discriminate where an inspiration comes from. It can come from anywhere or any person. The trick is to be receptive. Many of us are not receptive any more. We consume. There is a difference.

If you are in consumption mode you want the hit, the tickle,"the do it for me." Nothing wrong with that; it is human nature. There are plenty of people that want to give you a quick hit for a chance to get a subscriber or ad viewer.

NYT One in 8 Million

Being receptive means that you choose to connect with another person or video. There is time to savor and to reflect. Not just of the story being presented but to look at the technique of constructing the story.

The New York Times has various photo/audio slide shows on their web site. This specific series is called One In 8 Million where reporters and photojournalists seek out the story in a population of 8+ million people. This specific series seems to be from 2009 but the stories are timeless.

The take away of viewing these stories is to look at the lighting, the composition of the photos and the audio that is perfectly matched to the images.

What can be adapted to video? Is there another way to tell a personal narrative story?

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quick Look at Lumify Filmmaking App for iPhone

Yes, film making. As if film making, video and movies are distinct items that can be linguistically separated by a line in the sand. They can't. We don't use film any more to create videos. We don't even use tape to record video either.

There isn't a word that accurately describes recording motion pictures onto a memory card or hard drive.

So yeah, call it film making as in the concept of constructing a narrative motion picture story. Eh, what is in a name? All I know is that trying to use one term to describe a concept that can be expressed three or more different ways is making me loopy.

Lumify Video App Store

Lumify is an iPhone and iOS devices for making movies. It is literally tap and go video editing. There are built in visual cues to remind you of the 5-shot rule, there are filters like Instagram to juice up the recording.

This is an example of a Lumify video:

Basically you select the videos you want to chose the best scenes for your final video. You can apply filters to enhance the quality or change the mood.

Next, you can add music from your device (don't do it if you are going to us copyrighted material and upload to a video hosting service.) or use one of their tracks. I don't see an option to add narration or speech at this time.

When you are ready you can save the video on your device or upload to your social media accounts.

There is a lot to like about this app, 1080p video, ease of use and it does guide you on how to compose your video.

And it is free.

From what I can see, Lumify has possibilities but I don't think you will be composing your grand two hour masterpiece with it.  But check it out and see if it works for you.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick Look at EasyBreak Converter

I haven't written about video converters in a while. The reason being is that if you have a modern video editing software you probably don't need to fool with searching for a decent conversion software. Another factor is that many of the camcorders out in the marketplace now record in some variant of .mp4 so that should take the heat out of bring a video into most software.

I also know that there are a bunch of us that have camcorders that don't record in .mp4. We are those that own darlings that record in .mod, .tod. .mt2 and god knows what.

Again, most modern editing software now accommodates various video file formats. Your solution might be to pony up money for an entry level editing software.

Yeah, I know. It is a money thing. For some of you it is tap city. You don't have it.

Finding a good converter is tricky; you want to stay away from the scam vendors and those people that trick you into purchasing software that does a crappy job.

I'm sticking with recommending MPEG Streamclip, Handbreak and Microplant Adapter as safe products to use if you really can't get your camcorder and editing software to come to a truce.

Having said that, there is a new overlay for Handbreak that might be worth checking out. It is called EasyBreak Converter and it is for Windows users.

From my understanding, Handbreak is used as the foundation software and this is a user friendly interface. You can import a wide variety of videos to convert but you are limited to two file types for export, .MKV and .MP4

Seems simple enough, you drag the video on to the left side of the screen, set your export options and your are done.

I have some old school media players that record in funky video formats. I could see whipping out something like this to restore usefulness but for videos that need to be edited I'd need to see a couple of test videos to ensure this is the real deal.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bill Gentile and His Video Backpack Gear

Bill Gentile is a professional journalist who is also a teacher/trainer. This is a great opportunity to peep into his gear bag and check out what he totes when he is on assignment.

Checking out his blog, there will be a new book in January called Video Journalism Field Manual that can be purchased on

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Reverse Engineering A 15 Second Video

The need for quality videos is increasing. Video isn’t just for entertainment. It can be used for education, social media, business and uses we haven’t begun to explore. Which is why I can’t even name them but they will show up sooner or later.

To parody a famous line from a movie: “I got one word for you; advertising.”

No I don’t want you to make a commercial but we can learn from them. Advertisers have been making 15 second radio and television commercials for years. I personally hate bad commercials, but I cannot deny that they can be effective. And annoying.

And yet, there are times when 15 seconds is just about what you need to say what you gotta say or build interest.

Case in point;  This video from

I’m not responsible for the content of the video. I’m guessing it is an attempt at humor.  The video does produce a reaction. Not sure it should be the WTF? type of reaction.

So, making a purse out of a sow’s ear of this video here is what we can learn:
  • Get attention; in this case using sound to guide folks into the video.
  • Get to the point and show or say what you have to say.
  • Exit, stage right.
A really short video takes just as much planning as a long form one.  A script can go a long way to help you cut out the fluff.

If I were to do a 15 second video, and after seeing the above video I’m not so sure this is a good idea anymore, but if I were to do it then it might look something like this:
  1. Two seconds of titles introducing the topic, probably an overlay of the subject
  2. Five seconds of demonstration with narration or captions
  3. Three more seconds to do it again from a different angle or present another option.
  4. One second for space or goof.
  5. Two seconds closing titles
  6. One second with blog address.
  7. One second of fade to black.
Theoretically, it can be done.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quick Look at JVC GZ- VX700

Retail stores can't carry everything which is why I like to go directly to a vendor web site to check out the action. The JVC GZ-VX700 has what most people want, a small body, touch screen and a better ability to record in low light situations.

Yes sir, that F1.2 lens on a camcorder is going to allow you to record indoors, in challenging lighting situations. Don't expect crystal clarity but it will give you a bit more wiggle to get the shot.

Provided that you don't wiggle. Or move. Or jiggle.

I like to look at the specifications of a device but this time let's look at the specs m via the icons that will be on the box.

Starting from the top left corner:

WiFi - this device can used as a WiFi transmitter. You can download an Android or iOS app to use this camcorder to transmit video to your phone or tablet.

You could also transfer the video to your video distribution service. If you have sufficient bandwidth.

Full HD - this camcorder records in 1920x1080p

1080p Output - This seems redundant.

AVCHD - videos are recorded in this format. Most of the current video editing programs now accept AVCHD so this should no longer be an issue. If you have an older video editing program then it may or many not recognize this file format.

Super LoLux - JVC states that their sensor is"back illuminated" to provide better low light recording. The sensor is a receiver of light. The sensor worth with the lens.

F1.2 Lens - the lens is the pipeline that the light moves through to hit the sensor. Keep in mind, this is a small device. The sensor isn't that big to begin with so the lens on this camcorder is a help but it can't work total miracles.

O.I.S. - Optical Image Stabilization - yes, this can be a help to steady hand motion while holding the device. It won't eliminate it. If you are recording a dance or sporting event you are gonna want a tripod.

Advance Image Stabilization -  probably their term for digital image stabilization. For distance recordings you still are gonna need a tripod.

Frameless Touch Panel LCD - all of the controls are touch based. 

Wide Angle - This lens has a 38mm wide angle view making it easy to compose group shots and to record urban canyons of skyscrapers. Or mountains. What ever floats your boat.

Intelligent Audio - the device figures out the best way to record audio for the environment.

Face Recognition - point a face at it and it will make sure it is in focus.

LED Light - it could help but unless you are miner 49 I'd wouldn't use it. It might be too much or not enough. There is no way to adjust the light so you take your chances.

HD/SD Recording - this is a a feature most camcorder have had for years now.

SD Memory Cards - SDXC, SDHC and you really don't want to use a SD card in this but you can.

HDMI - can be used with HDMI devices

K2 Technology - their proprietary software that is suppose to restore audio after compression.

Once you filter of the marking gunk this is a good camcorder. I can see it for families that are active, group activities, for educational use, or just in time recording. For those people recording real estate for landscape type videos the wide angel capability of the lens is a definite plus.

It does have an 10x optical zoom so that works for me. I'm not a fan of touch screens so I bring that bias to the table but others love them. I'd say if you are making a transition from recording on your phone to this device then this is a good option.

At $399 it is a bit pricey but if you can make the Wi-Fi thing work for you then it might be a good investment.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When Not To Install That App

There are times where you should not install an application. Besides when you have the flu, cuz really you should just stay in bed and heal. I was just about to post an item about an Android video editing app. I've been searching for a good one. There isn't much out there.

It didn't feel right.  The web site was glitzy. Lots of promises made as to what it could do.  I could download it from the web site.

Nope. Not just yet. So I played a hunch and went to Google Play.

It isn't there.

Samsung Apps? Not there either, not that many people go to Samsung for their apps needs. Not hating on Samsung. Amazon? Nada.

My point is that the software hasn't been vetted. Screened. Given an outside look over. Not that apps in the Google Store are vetted like in the iUniverse.

Yet, if the software is a good as they say it is then it should be in the Google Play Market. It isn't

I'm not out to bust this company. I'm specifically not mentioning the software name.

You have to be safe and think before you download a world of hurt.

Are the features promised in line what is currently technologically possible? This goes back to researching. I knew that the best Android video editing program is just a trimmer with a few added features.

This software promised a whole lot of innovation that nobody is talking about.

Do a search for reviews of the product from a variety of sources. Search for the critical ones, they care enough to tell you their pain.

Be careful.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Revised YouTube Creator Playbook

This will be a quick post because typing and sneezing don't mix. In case you haven't heard, the YouTube Creator Playbook has been updated. There is a web version and you can download a pdf copy. 
YouTube Content Playbook

There is a lot to take in if you are of a mind to make money or grow viewers. I'd read it even if you are a Vimeo user. Or have no interest in monetizing video. This guide is more for people that want to have an on-going web series or a content specific channel.

You don't have to be a mind reader to know that there is a move away from user generated content that looks like crap. Those video will still be allowed but I think there is a clear message from YouTube that it wants to be a major distribution channel with unique, quality content.

That content has to come from those folks willing to step it up and make better looking and sounding videos. This is current guide on how to do it.

Reading the page on Captivate Your Audience tells you point blank how to set up the desired structure of the video series. You could follow it to the letter. Or you can adapt it to your needs or not use it at all.

But you should read it. If you are using the web version there are example videos to help you understand what they want you to aim for in terms of quality.

I'm crawling back under the covers.

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